Why Is Cotton Bacon A Win-Win Situation For Vapers?

Why Is Cotton Bacon A Win-Win Situation For Vapers?

As we’ve already indicated, Cotton Bacon Wick is a fantastic wick for both current vapers and those considering switching to vaping. It is specifically made for vaping. The initial stage in the procedure is choosing the cotton fiber farmed in the US. Following that, it goes through a unique purification process to remove contaminants, pesticides, and natural oils. Users can easily have a pleasurable vaping experience because of the cotton wick’s simple squeeze, rip, and wicking motions.

Cotton Bacon has been upgraded to Cotton Bacon Version 2.0 for a purer and cleaner taste and vape! Organic Cotton Bacon, which is heavier than before, is included in every V2 pack. Initially, cotton wicks were utilized by other vapers. For vaping, only sterile, traceable, and sanitary cotton is used.

Large fibers in this coil allow for sub-ohm builds, reduce the likelihood of dry hits, and improve flavor delivery. The best thing about Cotton Bacon wick is how well it works and how perfect it is for people who want to vape for a long time. The Cotton Bacon Wick package simplifies the procedure and draws attention to the benefits more because it comes with 10 bacon-torn strips.

Very absorbent and heat-resistant Ten pieces of cotton from each Cotton Bacon bag may wick up to 80 atomizers. To keep your wicking material clean, our cotton bacon is wrapped and packaged in a hygienic environment.

A Little More About The Cotton Bacon- The Ingredients!

It is practically as pure as it gets and has no cotton taste. This is 100% medical-grade cotton, even more, absorbing than cosmetic-grade pieces of cotton-like organic cotton and Muji. Since this cotton is medical grade, it must be pure and able to absorb heavy liquids (like blood) quickly. Thus, you should expect very quick wicking. If you use high VG liquid at high power like me, this is the huge cotton fibers found in Cotton Bacon will truly come in handy. You require wicking material that won’t fail you.

It is incredibly pure and free of chemicals, pesticides, and natural oils. Because of how sanitary it is, it is not required to boil it before use. I am a bit of a cotton snob, so when I looked at the cotton in my first pack of Cotton Bacon, it was spotless and a bright white. Even the packaging is sterile and clean to ensure no impurities in the cotton bacon.

The Utility of Cotton Bacon!

With Cotton Bacon, you don’t even need a pair of scissors. Unlike Muji, there are also no exterior layers to peel off. It can be readily pulled off into strips, and I found it very simple to handle and modify to my preferred thickness and length only by hand. Rolling it between your fingers or in the palm of your hand is simple. Extremely helpful if you need to re-wick while you are on the go but want to avoid carrying around a pair of scissors. Not to mention the focus that bringing a pair of scissors in your pocket could attract.

There are ten pieces of Cotton Bacon in this package, and according to Wick ‘N’ Vape, they can wick up to 80 builds. I have had the same wick in my Goblin for a week and have run some heavy liquids through it, and the performance is still exceptional, even though I am not even near to finishing my first piece, let alone my first pack. The wick doesn’t even appear very contaminated when viewed as a whole.

The Flavor Of Cotton Bacon!

With Cotton Bacon, bedding is unnecessary in time; you juice your wick and start vaping. There are no cottony undertones for the first few puffs; you only taste the flavor of your preferred e-liquid.

It wicks incredibly quickly and well, storing enormous amounts of liquid, making it ideal for RDA use since you won’t need to re-drip as frequently as you did with previous wick materials. I have yet to have a dry hit with Cotton Bacon, and I don’t tend to give myself one either intentionally.


Cotton Bacon is the best wicking material I have ever used (and trust me, I have tried a variety of wicking materials in the past). It wasn’t possible to surpass Muji, but Cotton Bacon has lifted the bar for wicking standards. I will no longer use anything else to wick my patties. The cotton bacon is incredibly great, though there are many other wicks present, no other wick is as great as the cotton bacon. So, anytime, you think of a good vape for vaping, do count on the Cotton Bacon Wick!

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