WhatsApp Business Greeting Message Examples & Best Practices

In every aspect of corporate communication, including WhatsApp Promotions, Customer Support, and Sales, WhatsApp Greeting messages are highly helpful.

Let’s go through some of the top WhatsApp Business Greeting Message illustrations you may use for your professional correspondence. 

Then, using best practices, you will discover how to create a lovely WhatsApp welcome message.

Imagine wishing someone a good day and never hearing back. Not a fun experience, is it not? Customers anticipate a response when they contact your company. 

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Here, greetings from WhatsApp for business may be used to start a discussion.

Greeting visitors is the first step in productive WhatsApp Marketing Messages. No matter how casual your messaging app contact may seem, fundamental decency will go a long way.

It’s a technique to establish expectations and kick off successful customer relationships. To welcome new subscribers, it’s a good idea to build up a WhatsApp Business welcoming message.

But where do you even begin? We urge you to start by selecting top-notch message templates.

Let’s go through some of the top WhatsApp Business Greeting Message illustrations you may use for your professional correspondence. 

Then, using best practices, you will discover how to create a lovely WhatsApp welcome message.

What Do WhatsApp Welcome Messages Contain?

On WhatsApp, greetings are typically the first messages companies send to their clients. 

These messages highlight the products and services that any company offers while thanking the consumer for choosing to use their services.

Below are some instances that are used for Greeting- messages.

A firm sends its first welcome message with pleasantries on WhatsApp after a new user registers for a service.

when a company wishes to welcome clients with unique seasonal promos & incentives.

We’ll discuss the ideal welcome messages for:

  1. New clients and subscribers
  2. New leads and prospects
  3. Consumer Assistance
  4. Remarketing to current clients

The Best Way To Write A WhatsApp Business Greeting Message

You should be aware that you need to make the recipient of your WhatsApp Business message feel valued and distinguished.

You should take advantage of WhatsApp’s 98% open rate for your business given that it has a higher open rate than SMS.

WhatsApp Business offers a variety of messages kinds, such as: 

  1. List messages and respond buttons
  2. Calls to Action

As a result, creating the ideal greeting message might help your company accomplish the following goals:

The best practices listed below should be adhered to while sending greetings using WhatsApp Business:

  • Enhance the experience for customers
  • Shorter reaction time
  • Boost client satisfaction
  • Gather valuable leads
  • Increased sales and conversion rates

Examples of WhatsApp Business greeting messages

There isn’t a “great welcoming message for WhatsApp Business,” in all honesty. 

I have compiled a collection of WhatsApp Business greetings for various scenarios because of this.

Let’s get started, shall we?

Greetings for WhatsApp Business in general:

  1. “I appreciate your message. Bulk SMS Service Providers respond to you in a day. Warm wishes from the [your company] Team.
  2. “Hiya! Greetings from [your company]. Within three hours, we will respond to you. You can browse our help centre in the meanwhile. The response to your inquiry could already be there since we worked hard on it!
  3. “Hello! Nice to meet you. Did you know that we are presently giving all of our items a 50% discount? XXXX is the code. Don’t let anyone know If you have any more questions, please let me know and I will respond right away!

That certainly wasn’t rocket science, was it?

The secret to utilizing any kind of texting software is to not use it excessively. A quick and casual method to contact a person or organization is through WhatsApp. 

Greetings based on events:

Your business can occasionally be faced with seasonal activities or unique celebrations. 

You need to let your consumers know whether a business is brisk because it’s the Christmas season or, at the other extreme, because of the COVID-19 epidemic. 

I’ll provide two examples for each situation.

  • “Ho, ho, ho! You can let me know if you find any trouble. Because our elves are so busy wrapping up all the gifts, we might not respond as quickly as we usually do.
  •  “Hello, how may I be of service to you? Please be advised that, given the current situation, we might respond a little more slowly than normal.

Examples of customer service greetings

  • “Hello, thank you for the message! Our customer service representatives will review your communication and ensure that it is passed to the appropriate party. Within 24 hours, we will react to your inquiry.

You can find solutions to frequently asked questions in our help centre here: [add your link] in the interim.

You may quickly establish your assistance centre with Bulk SMS Service Providers. 

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Final Thought:

WhatsApp has two platforms for businesses—did you know that?

For small enterprises with minimal resources, the WhatsApp Business App is an easy answer. Simple welcome messages may be programmed to be sent when customers contact you. 

You can control every message using your WhatsApp Business account.

A freshly announced option for companies wishing to grow their WhatsApp marketing service operations is the WhatsApp Business Platform. 

It’s the only technique to simultaneously send thousands of contacts through WhatsApp advertising messages. Additionally, you’ll receive a polished business profile.

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