What are Wireless Internet Service Providers?

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Internet Service Provider

An Internet Service Providers is an organization that offers the Internet to the industry. The services they offer include:

* Online Access

Register by domain names

* Telephonic Configuration

* Access to the leased lines

Types of ISP

Access Providers

They can connect to the Internet via telephone lines, cables, Wi-Fi, and fiber optics.

Mailing Provider

These companies provide mailbox hosting.

ISPS Hosting

Web hosting and email services, such as cloud computing, virtual machines, etc. They are provided via hosting ISPs.

Virtual ISPS

They provide internet connectivity by utilizing the ISP’s additional services.

Connection Types

There are many options when it comes to connecting to the Internet.

  1. Dial-up Connection
  2. ISDN
  3. DSL
  4. Internet as well as cable TV connections
  5. Satellite Internet access
  6. Wireless Internet Access

Telephone Connection

A computer connects to the Internet using dial-up technology and a phone line. A modem is needed to establish the dial-up connection. The telephone line, as well as the PC, are connected via this modem.

The software also instructs the modem to dial an individual number.

Digits are provided through an ISP.

Protocol for Serial Line Communications (SLIP)

Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP)


ISDN means Integrated Services Digital Network. Instead of analog telephone lines for connection, it uses digital lines. Two ways are available to provide ISDN services:

  • Simple Rate Interface (BRI)
  • Second Rate Interface (PRI)

Major Points

*The BRI ISDN consists of two 64-kbps B (Bearer) channels, and the 16-kbps D (Delta or Data) channel that is on one ISDN line.

*The PRI ISDN consists of one D channel and 23 B channels, each with a 64kbps working capacity to give a total transfer speed of 1.54Mbps.


The word “DSL” stands for “digital subscriber line.” Because it provides connectivity to regular telephone lines, it’s broadband connectivity.

The different DSL methods currently employed include those as follows:

  • Asymmetric DSL
  • DSL without symmetry (SDSL)
  • High-speed DSL (HDSL)
  • DSL with rate adaption (RDSL)
  • High-speed DSL (VDSL)

The technologies mentioned above vary in bit transfer speed, the speed of upload download, and the quality of service.

Internet connection via cable

Use of cable TV line for internet connectivity. They use a coaxial cable with a much more data transfer speed than regular telephone lines.

Major Points:

The service, which the cable provider provides, is accessible via the cable modem.

Two connectors to the modem cable. One for internet connectivity and the other one for signal transmission for cable TV.

Internet connection through satellite

Satellite Internet connections offer broadband Internet at high speed. One-way connections, as well as two-way connections, are the two main types of satellite internet connection. It is possible to download data with a one-way connection. We need to connect to a dial-up modem through an ISP using the landline to transfer data. You can download and upload data with two-way satellite links. No requirement for dial-up.

Internet connection via wireless

Bands of radio frequencies are utilized in wireless Internet connections for connecting to the Internet at a rapid speed. Use Bluetooth to connect to wireless.

Major Points:

“Wi-Fi” wireless is built upon IEEE 802.11 standards, which allows internet access to the electronic device.

  • Radio waves of shortwave length are utilized in Bluetooth wireless to create a personal area network (PAN).

Internet security

The name internet security often refers to secure online communication. It includes specific security measures such as:

  • Protocol for Internet Security
  • Safe Socket Layer (SSL)
  • Protocol for Internet Security

A collection of protocols developed in the Internet Engineering Task Force makes the basis of this technology (IETF). It is a network-level security system and helps in the production of encrypted and private packets that are used by an IP layer.

Secure Socket Layer (SSL)

The Netscape Communications Corporation designed the security protocol. It provides transport layer security.

  • Privacy
  • Integrity
  • Authentication


The threats to Internet security impact the network, as do the effects of data security are linked with the Internet. Cybercriminals have devised a variety of methods to compromise the safety and security of bank accounts as well as companies and other organizations.

Internet security threats comprise the following:

  • Wandering worms
  • Malware
  • Ransomware on mobile and computer
  • Extreme attacks like Stuxnet, aim to bring the infrastructure down.
  • Services that provide hacking
  • Spam
  • Phishing

Procedures for Internet Security

Encryption of Data

Information is encoded with encryption, a security method that only authorized users can decipher it. It generates ciphertext that is encrypted and is only read upon decryption.

Encryption Methods

There are two types of encryption methods, in the following order:

* Symmetric Key cryptography

*Public Key cryptography

Secure encryption by using symmetric keys

The encrypted text is decrypted and decrypted with the duplicate cryptographic keys using the algorithm for symmetric encryption.

Public key encryption

The algorithm for encryption using public keys employs two keys – one secret and another public-There is a mathematical link between the two legends.

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