What are the Skills Essential to Becoming a Data Analyst

Almost every sector today makes use of data to solve problems and foresee insight into trends and developments. But raw data is not good to work with, hence organizations require talented data analysts to do this work for them. They help to extract meaning from the given information and build your future plans. If you enjoy working with numbers and have a knack for finding patterns, a career in data analysis can be the ideal choice for you. You can go through the Data Analyst course in Delhi to develop your understanding. Though there are some particular skills common to all data analysts, several data analyst skills reign best among employers.

The Skills you Require to Master as Data Analyst


Although it was built in 1970, SQL even today remains a well-known database query language in use. Though other languages have come into existence in the data science field, SQL still remains an important tool in any analyst’s toolkit.

Learning NoSQL is also essential. NoSQL offers extensive flexibility that enables it to handle massive data troves more than its relational counterparts. Thus, it becomes more attractive to businesses that require managing huge amounts of data.


MATLAB is a popular programming language and computing environment. It is increasingly favored among businesses for its facilitation of quick data cleaning, visualization, organization, and compatibility with different machine learning models. The efficiency you achieve with MATLAB makes it a popular choice among those working with Big Data. Therefore, MATLAB proficiency can certainly be a good addition to your resume.


R is a programming language with structure and syntax made to support analysis. It includes multiple common data organization commands by default and offers to larger businesses for its ability to handle large or even complex stores of data. As most company work with huge data sets, R can be beneficial in easing your work.


Python is more of a general-purpose programming language that is certainly a must-learn for its versatility. Many of Python’s libraries are moreover relevant for the use of artificial intelligence. Thus, makes this language an increasingly important to a data analytics industry that mainly relies on AI. Some additional programs for Python include Pandas and NumPy.

Data visualization

Data visualization helps bridge the gap between the technical section of data analytics and non-technical business stakeholders. Being data literate means being able to share difficult ideas with business decision-makers and have them understand them at a glance. There’s an element of storytelling with data visualization you require to be able to take your insights and develop an actionable narrative for others in your organization.

Data cleaning

Not all data is valuable or however even accurate. Before they can use collected data, analysts must sift through and clean it to ensure that only accurate, reliable information comes under consideration. Even with a sophisticated algorithm, the role of a data analyst is important to make proper use of a machine learning system. Many data analysts spend a good portion of their time cleaning data.

Machine learning

Even if you don’t specialize in working with machine learning and AI, however understanding it becomes extremely important. Looking at its outsized presence in the data science industry you should definitely add this skill to your data analyst toolkit. Familiarity with relevant AI tools and concepts can certainly give you an edge in a job search.


Starting your career as a data analyst means setting your foot in the door of one of the fastest-growing industries. It even adds a tremendous number of opportunities and multiple points of entry. If you love working with numbers, have a desire for problem-solving, and have a knack for critical thinking, data analytics could be an ideal career choice for you. You can go through the Data Analyst course in Gurgaon for developing your skills in this profile. Whether you’re just starting to work or thinking about changing careers, a Data analysis course can always be beneficial. It will help you build your skills and empower you to find your own path in the dynamic changing industry. Hence, add a new skill to your resume and open new gates of opportunity.

Shruti Mahendru
Author: Shruti Mahendru

I am an author, consultant, and speaker. I basically produce content and opinions on trending technologies

Shruti Mahendru

I am an author, consultant, and speaker. I basically produce content and opinions on trending technologies

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