Walking Pad: Alternative to fast walking

Hunger is not the same as the desire to eat. Nor is it the same to run or walk outdoors and do it in the gym. The same, the same, what is said the same… However, what is sometimes not the same, sometimes it is as if it were. If you want to learn about disassemble home gym equipment then read this post

If you miss your daily dose of jogging or walking, unless you have a large garden/terrace or a treadmill, you should know that there is an ingenious alternative (very widespread in the Chinese market) to exercise at home: the Walking Pad.

What is the walking pad

The walking pad is a motorized platform that slides under our feet at different intensities. Unlike the treadmill, it is extremely manageable due to its dimensions, it does not have handles and it is practically at ground level.

It must be taken into account that its use is generally oriented to move at a maximum speed between 5 and 7 kilometers per hour , therefore it is a perfect tool for walking, sports walking or light jogging.

The weight of these treadmills is around 30kg and most manufacturers set the maximum user weight of up to 100/110kg.

Prices and how to choose

The available models have as a starting point a price of €300 and upwards from there.

Do you want to know what characteristics you should take into account when buying it? Let’s go there:


Choosing a waking pad whose motor power is capable of supporting your weight and reaching a maximum speed that suits your goals is essential. Therefore, reviewing the maximum speed that the machine reaches is not nonsense and it is a “must” that you cannot pass up.

As we have said, the available models allow an adjustable speed that reaches between 5 and 7 kilometers per hour at its maximum power and an energy consumption of up to 750W.


It is what allows you to withstand a minor impact and protect your joints . It should be known that the sliding of the belt in the opposite direction partially inhibits the use of some muscles (gluteal) and ligaments, and discomfort may appear in the back and/or hip flexors, as well as in the tibial.

Depending on your weight and your possible skeletal injuries, you should take into account the type of structure in order to minimize the risks.

The structure also becomes important in order to reduce noise, so that you can walk or jump comfortably at home without disturbing your neighbors or even yourself.

Carpet size and surface

Depending on your height, you will be more comfortable on one treadmill or another since your stride will be more or less large.

For example, with a height greater than 1.80 cm you will need a surface of 110-120 cm  long by 42 wide. If your height is lower, you can use a tape from 100 cm without problems.

The WalkPad can be folded in all cases. They incorporate wheels at the bottom, to facilitate storage by fitting under the desk, bed, etc.

Console and programs

The screen and the programs that the tape includes are important in the purchase decision. Thus, knowing metrics such as speed, distance covered, the time you have been running or calories burned are of great help to any athlete. Depending on the level of statistics and metrics you want on your tape, you can buy one model or another. Often, in addition to the screen itself, they come with an App and Bluetooth function, to check the number of calories burned, distance and save your progress on the screen.


In some models, it is necessary to activate prior training to become familiar with the use of the different speeds, fast forward/deceleration, which are generally controlled manually or by the pressure we exert on the mat and also through a console ( remote control or mobile phone).

Now you know something more about the Walking Pad and what are the basic technical characteristics that you should pay attention to, we leave you with some of the models available on Amazon/Aliexpress .

Walking is one of the most popular forms of exercise and can be a great way to de-stress. Here are some of the reasons and a special look at meditative or mindful walking.

First of all, it’s free! One of the best things about walking is that it doesn’t require any special equipment or clothing: all you need is a good pair of shoes and comfortable clothing for the weather. This makes it an accessible form of exercise for people who don’t have access to gym equipment, gadgets, or classes. It’s also a great way to save money without giving up the benefits of an active lifestyle.

Another reason walking is as beneficial as exercise is its low-impact nature . Unlike running, which can be hard on the body, walking has very few associated risks. That’s why it’s perfect for people recovering from an injury or those just starting to get in shape. Much gentler on the joints than other activities, making it suitable for people with arthritis or other joint problems who don’t want to further aggravate their condition by exercising.

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