High 10 Weird Sleep Habits of the Wealthy


You could not consider this, however sleeping is a really controversial subject. Individuals are torn between what the docs say about a mean of 8 hours an evening and celebrities like Steve Harvey saying when you sleep 8 hours a day, you’ll by no means achieve success in life.

Irrespective of the place you fall on the sleep debate, there are some precise advantages to getting sufficient sleep. Your immune system will get a lift; it improves your psychological capability, reduces stress, and helps to enhance your temper. The wealthy and the well-known have their very own methods of making an attempt to hack sleep to make it work higher for them. Listed below are 10 weird sleep habits of the wealthy.

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10 Michael Phelps Sleeps in an Elevation Chamber

Estimated Internet Value—$80 million

Why They Are Wealthy and Well-known

Michael Phelps is an Olympic Gold Medalist with 28 medals, 23 of that are gold. In case you had been questioning, that’s an insane quantity of medals for any sport. He presently holds the file for being probably the most adorned Olympian ever.

His sleeping habits would possibly truly play an enormous function in his efficiency. Phelps sleeps in a chamber that makes it look like he’s at an elevation of about 9,000 toes. Primarily, he forces his physique to adapt to much less oxygen by growing his pink blood cell rely. Which means that when he’s competing, his physique has extra endurance, and oxygen is delivered extra effectively to his muscle groups.

Is it price it?

This appears extra useful for athletes than the common individual. Nevertheless, it’s clear that it really works with the rising recognition of altitude coaching.

9 Leonardo da Vinci Took Energy Naps to the Excessive

Estimated Internet Value—$1.5 million

Why They Are Wealthy and Well-known

He’s arguably the second most well-known Leonardo, not less than since Dicaprio made his appearing debut. Leonardo da Vinci was a grasp of just about every little thing. He was a painter, inventor, mathematician, engineer, and architect, amongst different issues. Though he has the well-known half, the wealthy won’t finest describe him throughout his lifetime. Nevertheless, he painted the Mona Lisa and the Salvator Mundi, which offered for a whopping $450 million in 2017.

Da Vinci had a sleep schedule of taking 20-minute naps each 4 hours. That implies that in a 24-hour interval, he would sleep a complete of 120 minutes or two hours. A two-hour nap is a naked minimal for me.

Is it price it?

No! Whereas Da Vinci was successful story for following this excessive polyphasic sleep schedule, the common individual wouldn’t be capable of preserve this up for very lengthy.

8 Marissa Mayer Provides Up Sleep for Quarterly Holidays

Estimated Internet Value—$600 million

Why They Are Wealthy and Well-known

Marissa Mayer is the previous CEO of Yahoo! and now a board member of Walmart. She was one in every of Google’s first workers and is chargeable for among the search engine’s earliest successes.

Mayer is a bonafide workaholic who sleeps for round 4 hours an evening whereas working 130 hours per week. With the intention to make up for the misplaced sleep, she takes quarterly holidays the place she fully unplugs from work and will get a full 8 hours of sleep each evening.

Is it price it?

Mayer is a transparent success story, however she additionally has a staff of individuals working for her to assist make up for any mishaps. For instance, based on an interview with Inc., she missed an necessary dinner with executives as a result of she fell asleep. It won’t be price it, Mayer. Simply saying.

7 Matt Mullenweg Schedules 6 Sleeping Intervals All through His Day

Estimated Internet Value—$450 million

Why They Are Wealthy and Well-known

Matt Mullenweg is the co-founder of WordPress and CEO of Automattic. He has been an advocate for open-source software program and has helped contribute to many tasks, together with b2evolution and BuddyPress.

Mullenweg follows a sleep schedule of six 40-minute naps all through the day. He says that this offers him the advantages of a full evening’s sleep with out sacrificing any time throughout his day.

Is it price it?

That is one other instance of an excessive polyphasic sleep schedule which may work for some folks however in all probability isn’t sustainable in the long term.

6 Indra Nooyl Sleeps for 4 Hours a Day

Estimated Internet Value—$90 million

Why They Are Wealthy and Well-known

Indra Nooyi is the CEO of Pepsi and has been with the corporate for over 12 years. She was named the eighth strongest lady globally by Forbes in 2018.

Nooyi follows a monophasic sleep schedule the place she sleeps 4 hours a day. This enables her to be extra productive throughout her waking hours.

Is it price it?

Whereas Nooyi is likely one of the strongest ladies globally, it’s not clear if her sleep schedule is definitely what contributes to her success. She could also be simply superb at managing her time.

5 Nikola Tesla Slept for two Hours a Day

Estimated Internet Value—$100. Sure, simply $100.

Why They Are Wealthy and Well-known

Nikola Tesla was a Serbian-American inventor and engineer who’s finest identified for his contributions to the electrical energy business. He invented the AC motor and developed the Tesla coil.

Like Leonardo Da Vinci, Tesla slept for round two hours a day. He mentioned that this allowed him to have extra time for considering and experimenting. In contrast to Da Vinci, although, Nikola made many questionable selections which is why he died mentally damaged and financially destitute—so we’ll simply name him well-known then.

Is it price it?

No, Tesla’s sleep schedule is a transparent instance of why it is advisable get a full evening’s sleep. Whereas he was a genius, his lack of sleep in all probability contributed to his downfall.

4 Tom Cruise Sleeps in a “Snoratorium”

Estimated Internet Value—$600 million

Why They Are Wealthy and Well-known

Tom Cruise is likely one of the most well-known actors on the earth and has been in lots of field workplace hits just like the Mission Unimaginable franchise, Rain Man, and Warfare of the Worlds. He’s additionally well-known for his spiritual beliefs as a Scientologist. However we received’t get into that bag of worms right here.

Cruise reportedly sleeps in a “snoratorium” to get sufficient sleep, which is a soundproofed room the place he can sleep with out being disturbed.

Is it price it?

This one will depend on you. Some folks want absolute silence to sleep; others discover it unsettling and wish some noise to have the ability to sleep. Personally, I can’t sleep with out noise and not less than two followers blowing on me.

3 Cristiano Ronaldo Will get 7–8 Hours a Day

Estimated Internet Value—$500 million

Why They Are Wealthy and Well-known

Cristiano Ronaldo is knowledgeable soccer participant who has performed for groups like Manchester United, Actual Madrid, and Juventus. He’s a 5-time Ballon d’Or winner and is broadly thought of one of many biggest soccer gamers of all time.

Ronaldo sometimes sleeps for seven to eight hours a day and says that this permits him to be extra alert and energetic on the sector. What’s bizarre about that? He does it in 90-minute sleep classes.

Is it price it?

This appears to be probably the most sustainable so far as polyphasic sleep schedule goes. Ronaldo is a world-class athlete, and his sleep schedule in all probability has one thing to do with it.

2 Dwayne Johnson Sleeps 4 Hours a Evening

Estimated Internet Value—$320 million

Why They Are Wealthy and Well-known

Are you able to odor what the Rock is cooking? Dwayne Johnson is a failed soccer participant who turned to skilled wrestling and is now an actor and businessman. He was the highest-paid actor for 2 years.

He sleeps three to 5 hours an evening and does this so he can get in two strenuous exercises earlier than he begins working for the day.

Is it price it?

If you’re constructed just like the Rock, then possibly. He says that understanding is like meditation to him. Perhaps that’s why he may be as busy as he’s, pleased, and never sleep a full evening.

1 Rashad Jennings Sleeps in a Hyperbaric Chamber

Estimated Internet Value—$8 million

Why They Are Wealthy and Well-known

Rashad Jennings is a former NFL working again who performed for the Jacksonville Jaguars, Oakland Raiders, and the New York Giants. He’s now a commentator and analyst for ESPN.

Jennings sleeps in a hyperbaric chamber that delivers pressurized pure oxygen. This enables him to get extra oxygen and enhance his sleep high quality. He says it helps him get well from accidents and helps him really feel higher mentally.

Is it price it?

From the proof, yeah, it’s price it. Nevertheless, most probably out of attain for most individuals for the reason that price ticket is round $20k.

+ Bonus Movie star—Eminem Wants It Tremendous Darkish

Estimated Internet Value—$230 million

Why They Are Wealthy and Well-known

Eminem is likely one of the hottest rappers of all time and has received 15 Grammy Awards. He has additionally had some success as an actor, showing within the film 8 Mile.

Eminem has insomnia and says he wants it to be pitch black to sleep. To get this, most individuals would sleep with blackout curtains, however Eminem goes a step additional, placing tinfoil on the window to replicate all gentle.

Is it price it?

No, not likely. You’ll find yourself with a weird-looking bed room and possibly nonetheless can’t sleep.


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