Step By Step Ice Cream Very Easy Drawing For Kids

Very Easy Drawing For Kids When it comes to summertime treats that keep you cool, it isn’t easy to find a better refreshment than a delectable ice cream cone!

Tutorial for Drawing Ice Cream

There are many different shapes, flavors, and variations of these tasty, icy treats because there is so much room for creativity; learning how to sketch an ice cream cone can be even more enjoyable.

Very Easy Drawing For Kids guide will teach you everything you need to know to make your unique ice cream cone illustration. With this step-by-step tutorial on how to draw an ice cream cone in just 6 easy steps, Drawing For Kids, you’ll see how easy and fun it can be!

Ice cream cone drawing instructions!


  • To start this how-to-draw ice cream cone tutorial, let’s start with the cone part of the problem! The first step will be much easier if you have a measure to help you.
  • Simply draw two horizontal lines that converge at the tiny curve at the cone’s base.
  • Let’s move on since this will act as the framework for your argument, and we’ll add a lot more information about it in the following phases.


  • Step two is to draw some ice cream on the cone.
  • It wouldn’t be an ice cream cone if there weren’t any ice cream in the image! In the next step, we will therefore add some to the image.
  • We’ll draw a curved, rounded line over the cone and top it with a beautiful, substantial dollop of ice cream.
  • After drawing the top curved line, you can add four lower curved adder lines to show how the ice cream extends beyond the plate’s edge.
  • Draw a perpendicular line across the top, just below the ice cream, to finish the cone’s top before continuing to step two.


  • Start enhancing the cone’s details at this stage.
  • We mentioned adding some detailing to the cone in the previous part of our tutorial on how to draw an ice cream cone, so we will do that in this step as well.
  • For this design, we will draw a sequence of diagonal lines across the ice cream cone, as seen in the reference image. The boundaries will also be very close together.
  • Once the pattern is complete, your patience and a steady hand will be rewarded for your persistence.


  • Completely form the cone.
  • Even though your ice cream cone drawing already has a fantastic appearance, there are still a few details to add before coloring it.
  • In this part, we’ll finish the pattern on the cone itself. You’ll repeat the previous procedure, this time going the other way.
  • This will result in a pattern that resembles the cross-hatch pattern in the example picture.
  • The outcome will be fantastic, but this step will also take patience.


  • You can now complete your ice cream cone creation.
  • Since your ice cream cone is ready for coloring, you can now finish the details in this tutorial section on drawing an ice cream cone.
  • At this point, if you choose, you can integrate some of your components.
  • In our example, we used a series of dots to symbolize sprinkles and other toppings, but you could do many other things with this image.
  • You could imagine what your ideal ice cream cone would appear in your artwork.
  • It would make a cool background for your ice cream cone, and you could top it with cherries or candy bits.
  • What decorations and toppings would you add to the perfect ice cream cone?


  • To finish your ice cream cone drawing, add color.
  • Now we’re getting to the fun part of sketching your ice cream cone. Drawing your ice cream cone and adding your garnishes and variants is one way to personalize it.
  • Because the colors and art materials you select significantly impact the mood of your picture, now is the time to let your imagination run wild.
  • Ice cream cones come in various vibrant and beautiful colors, so there are no limitations on what you can do.
  • You could use vivid markers and colored pens to make the colors stick out. If you prefer a less vibrant image, use colored pencils or watercolor paints for a more subdued appearance.
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