Reasons why Weddings Marquees are trending among Millenials.

A wedding is not easy to plan, it would require a significant amount of planning and spending to get things just right. On top of it all, most people want to create a unique experience for their wedding with innovative ideas and decoration designs. However, of late, Marquee Wedding are quite in trend and are one of the best choices for weddings.

Event Planner in Dublin has gained popularity across the world and most wedding planners are trusting form of marquees wedding decoration as it offers enough versatility. The marquees bring along great opportunities in terms of decoration, capacity, and themes, and offer the liberty to be creative throughout the process. But before we discuss the reasons that make Wedding marquees a great choice, let’s know a bit about it.

What is a Marquee Wedding?

A marquee wedding will have a uniquely decorated tent that serves well as a wedding venue. Since it is a temporary structure, it gives the freedom to work with the capacity and the decoration for a wedding. You also get to select a location of your choice and set it up as the wedding venue with a marquee.

In addition to the ample amount of opportunities, a wedding in a marquee is also highly affordable. The marquee wedding has great potential and is making a mark in the wedding industry for its versatility and price choices.

Reasons behind the popularity of Wedding  Marquees:

  • Offers the Blank Canvas for Decorating: Marquees offer a black canvas for planners and decorators as they get the scope to plan extensively and right from scratch to build a design of their choice. You do not need to compromise on any aspect of wedding decorations as unlike a conventional venue, a marquee will not come with any existing decor. And this will give you the freedom to design and decorate everything from the scratch.
  • Get the venue of your choice: With a marquee-style wedding, you can get your wedding planned at any place of your choice as long as there is space for it. You can go for any space with scenic beauty or can set up the wedding tent in a space of your convenience. Since the marquee can be customised according to the capacity and styled according to the theme, you need not worry about renting a space for your guests.
  • Invite as many guests as you want: A wedding is a special event and you would not want to miss out on anyone. From family to extended family members, and from friends to acquaintances, you would want everyone to be a part of your important day. But many times, you need to compromise on the guest list as you do not have enough space to accommodate a significant amount of people. However, by opting for a Event Planner in Dublin you can fix this as you can generously increase the capacity of your guest list.
  • An Immersive Experience: Marquees are the best option if you are planning for an outdoor wedding. In addition to offering a close encounter with nature, you also need not worry about the weather, as there will be a tent offering shelter from the harsh sunrays and drizzles. It offers the most accommodating venue options for weddings and is a great choice if you want a mingling of indoor and outdoor locations. It is an impressive way of bringing in the outside view and making it a part of the decor for a unique experience.
  • Flexibility with the Budget: Marquees offer great versatility in terms of budget and designs. You can opt for a more budget-friendly minimalist decor and save significantly on the wedding venue. This can be a great alternative to expensive wedding packages or rental venues that charge a hefty amount and leave minimal space for creativity.
  • Extended Period for Partying: Unlike rental venues, the Wedding marquees is usually for a day and so you no longer need to wrap up your big day in a few hours. Do not limit your celebrations for a limited period, rather let the celebrations continue for the day with your near and dear ones and make your day more special among best wishes and love.
  • Do your Thing: If you are planning to do something unique and ditch the conventional norms and traditions, a marquee wedding can allow you to do the same. You do not need to compromise on anything, the guest list, the decor, the theme, the food, and also the time. You get to choose your caterer and decide on the menu unlike what traditional venues offer. Overall, a wedding marque brings a comprehensive experience and allows you to plan your wedding just as you wish.

Still Confused about a Marquee?

Hopefully, all these reasons are enough to motivate you to ditch a traditional wedding set-up and opt for the new age and more flexible option of Wedding marquees. Marquees bring the liberty to plan a wedding based on your choices and budget and offer room for innovation and creativity. Check out the Pinterest ideas and combine them with your creativity to design a unique wedding venue with a marquee that reflects the millennial choice.

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