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Salesforce Service Cloud is a platform for customer service and support that uses customer relationship management (CRM). However, Salesforce built Service Cloud on its renowned CRM platform for sales professionals.

Users may utilize Service Cloud to automate service procedures, streamline workflows, and locate relevant documents, subjects, and experts to assist customer care agents. In order to learn more about this tool and its features, we suggest you enroll in the Salesforce Service Cloud Consultant Online Training in India. Such training will help you to understand this tool from scratch and make you competent personnel.

Salesforce Service Cloud Features

To better understand its functionality, Salesforce Service Cloud provides robust features:

      ● Omni Channel

With this functionality, you can control as many communication channels as you want. Web, email, phone, online or mobile Live Agent conversations, social media, community sites, and even video chats are all possibilities of these channels. In addition to bringing cases from all these channels into your Service Cloud, Omni-Channel automatically directs them to appropriate agents depending on complicated pre-set requirements.

      ● Case Management

The Service Cloud Case Management solution manages the complete case lifecycle, including creation, prioritizing, assignment, escalation, reassignment, and closure. Moreover, you may indicate which parameters should affect these steps, and Service Cloud will carry them out automatically. For example, if you want case priority and type to determine which agent is involved in the case, Service Cloud will assess this information and activate the appropriate assignment mechanism.

      ● Service Console

This is the ultimate individualized work environment for each agent. However, it shows each case in a very user-friendly manner. Besides showing case status and history, it reveals customer or account information and enables agents to look for relevant knowledge articles within the case record.

      ● Knowledge base

Salesforce Service Cloud enables the organization to create a complete knowledge base for your service agents, which helps them locate answers and deal with problems quickly. And the ability to assess how valuable each knowledge piece is may make the base more beneficial.

      ● Service Analytics

Service Analytics powered by Salesforce Einstein is available to service agents and managers. It gives insights into department and agent performance. Moreover, reports of varying complexity are available with this platform.

      ● Process and Routine Automation

Service Cloud provides process automation with the help of workflows, approvals, macros, email templates, and other tools.

      ● Field Service

Service representatives must collaborate with field employees to solve an issue. This is what Field Service enables. Moreover, users of the Service Cloud can arrange appointments for field employees, manage their schedules, and track component.

      ● Self-Service Neighborhoods

The Service Cloud creates self-service communities. However, customers can use them to look for your knowledge base and find solutions. In order to make the community experience more welcoming, you may include a chat feature that allows users to ask agents for assistance if they cannot discover it on their own.

      ● Einstein Bots

You may use Salesforce Einstein to power your conversations in some circumstances. This will save some of your agents’ time while providing consumers with answers to minor queries such as order status, flight details, etc. If your chatbot is unable to assist, it will send clients to agents who are knowledgeable about the customer’s situation.

      ● App Designer

If you are still missing anything with the Service Cloud capability, you may use this feature to construct your Salesforce customer support apps.

Why Choose Salesforce Service Cloud?

After going through its features, let us now understand why to choose this platform. So, if your enterprise is serious about customer service, Salesforce Service Cloud is the best option. Regardless of whether you are in the B2C or B2B domain, you will have several customers raising problems and inquiries regularly. Salesforce Service Cloud helps you in tracking and resolving these problems. This is not the only approach to enhancing the consumer experience. Let’s go deeper and explore how Salesforce Service Cloud is generating an impression.

      ● Increase Agent Productivity

With Service Cloud, agents can work from anywhere. With simple management solutions available, there is an increase in the agent’s productivity, resulting in lower agent overhead costs. Also, you can get Salesforce CPQ certification to demonstrate your knowledge of advanced billing procedures, invoice creation, and CPQ.

      ● Transforms Customer experience

You can improve customer relations by contacting each consumer with live representatives. Also, you may boost your customer loyalty, contentment, and retention, leading to repeat business from existing customers, a rise in LTV of your consumers, and positive word of mouth for your company.

      ● Security

With the Service Cloud platform, your data is safe and secure. It utilizes a multi-layered strategy to preserve sensitive company information.

      ● Use Social Media Sites

You may also communicate with your consumers in real-time on social media platforms such as Facebook or Twitter.

      ● Case Tracking

Tracking assists you in faster case resolution. This leads to improved management of a person’s daily tasks and a reduction in manual errors.


Hopefully, you may find this article informative. We have compiled the powerful features and benefits of employing the Salesforce Service Cloud. This quick overview may help you to make your basics strong. Alternatively, you can enroll in the training program from the Salesforce Service Cloud Consultant Training Institute in Gurgaon. Such an institute will make you competent as an expert and make you stand out from the crowd.

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