Learn how to make a script for your videos!

Do you know how to make a script for a video? Surely, when faced with this task you must have thought: “and now, where do I start?”.

First, it is important that you know that you are not alone, because many people find it difficult to understand where to start and what aspects they need to prioritize to develop a script and How To Write A Screenplay?.

On the other hand, the good news is that all these doubts will be dispelled when you interact with valuable information and accurate advice.

So that you can see that you are not the only one thinking about how to write a script, today we want to introduce you to Luciana. Our friend is a marketing manager for an information technology company.

Although she is an expert in her field and knows all the marketing trends, she has encountered a great difficulty: she does not know where to start a script either!

Luciana is extremely committed to her work and it seems essential to her to be aware of the latest developments in terms of marketing strategies. She knows very well that writing an adequate script is what guarantees the success of the audiovisual resource , so she is eager to learn.

That being said, now we will put our batteries together and begin to help Luciana and you. We promise that this immersion in the universe of well-done scripts will be  motivating and immensely useful  in your day to day.

Ready to start? Follow us!

Characteristics of a fantastic script 

Writing a script is not a simple or fast task, and it demands attention, will, knowledge and a lot of patience. This is because the biggest difficulty is writing the scenes of the video in such a way that they provide the necessary intensity to the final production. 

Like any story, it is essential that the script has  a beginning, middle and end , but you have to think deeper, because it is important to be aware that each specific part needs to have those parts.

About each unit or scene, it is important that it has a captivating dialogue, development maintaining an air of mystery and a suitable transition towards the end of that part.  

We start talking about the scenes because we want you to understand that in order to  write a great script it is important to understand how the story develops, to know the characteristics of the characters, to detect which scenarios are appropriate and to think of interesting actions that can integrate all those scenic components.

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Starting from scratch: How to write a script with effective steps and tips 

The prospect of starting from scratch is scary, right? However, everything is easier if you have a good idea.

Having a great idea is the first step towards success. But be careful, it is important that Luciana and you know that you must be able to synthesize and specify it.

Another point that deserves attention is that this idea needs to be commercial, that is, to have elements that allow the development of a video that “sells” the product or service offered by the brand. 

Now, beyond this general information, let’s go to the main steps and tips to make a  captivating and commercial script : 

Strategic plan 

A very attractive way to start your script is to think about some issues inherent to the raison d’être of the project . Aspects such as: 

  • So that? 
  • For whom? 
  • With who? 
  • Where? 
  • When? 
  • As? 

Answering each of those questions helps steer the work toward the right point. 

Look for inspiration 

Eye! Plagiarism is something extremely negative for your brand. At this point we are only suggesting that you look at similar content and look for inspiration.

That inspiration must consider your idea as a whole and the possibility of improving it to the point of enchanting the target audience. At this point you will have to be clear about what the conflict will be and its best solution. 

Get to know the brainstorming technique to get good ideas!

Think about the characters and the place in detail 

This step fleshes out the future video, so it’s essential when talking about how to write a script. And it is useless to have an incredible idea and make a highly attractive story if the characters and places are not flashy.

To build characters and think about the place where the scenes will take place takes time, so stop and check every detail. For this, it is worth asking questions about the characteristics of both elements and filling out a file about them.

Build a briefing 

This document should include all the information regarding your project, in this case, the video. It contains relevant data such as the client, target audience, weak and strong points, problems and opportunities, and the resources necessary to achieve your goals.  

It is worth remembering that the briefing must be adapted to the needs of the company and the project that is being undertaken. The briefing has a fundamental characteristic: it must be as objective as possible.

5.Write a synopsis 

Synthesizing the idea in a synopsis helps to understand which points should be prioritized and which need to be suppressed. Another aspect that deserves attention is knowing how to detect which are the hot spots for action, that is, understanding which moments will leave the public most excited.

Treat the scenes 

In this instance you must develop the selected scenes, but without including dialogues. At this point you will have to include details about the place, enhance the actions and neutralize points that may apparently make it difficult for the public to understand, among other things.

Include dialogues 

Now that you have everything under control, it’s time to start with the dialogues. Perhaps at this moment another million and a half doubts will appear.

In that case, stay calm and think about what a perfect dialogue would be like if you were inside each scene. And if you were the protagonist?  

Working on dialogues is not difficult when you know the characters, you understand the reason for the scenes and you know the reason for each of the actions. As the script progresses, the dialogues are created in a more entertaining and easy way . 

Apart from carefully following these 7 steps, it is important that you understand the need to rewrite when the situation warrants it.

For example, if you think that the script started to flow better from a certain page, don’t forget to check the quality of the previous ones. 

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