Kajabi Review: Best Online Learning Management System

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By ShafieSEO

Kajabi is an online learning management system. If you may not hear about Kajabi ever, then pay attention here because we will review this online learning management system. 

We have noticed the trend on the internet. Doing online courses to enhance skills and 

Getting better opportunities is an ordinary matter. 

It is now the big thing on the internet. If you don’t have any type of course, then you will miss out on something. 

Every on the internet wants to reach their target customers to sell products or services through an e-commerce platform or e-course. Whatever you will do, you need to take help from tools such- Learning management systems. Here we are talking about Kajabi. 

Kajabi– What It Is? 

On a simple note, Kajabi is the simple platform that helps to build a successful online course and sell your service or system effectively. It means it is an online platform where you can customize your course to sell them to Internet users. 

Yaro Starak of Yaro.Blog shared a great definition of Kajabi,

“Kajabi is a hosted platform for marketing, selling and delivering information products online. It provides a platform for hosting contents like videos, audios and text documents, which are delivered using some proven templates, such as the video squeeze page and sales page for marketing the content, and a membership community area for delivering the actual product.”

What Do You Need To Get My E-Course On Kajabi?

First, you have to decide what you want to sell as a course. Is it an audio or video course or eBook software? Creating a course, you have to go through a few steps. 

 Here we share those steps that lead up to the final result. 

  • Home page

You will love to use this LMs because of its interface. You will get everything on the home page. Everything is under one roof. 

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  • Build Your Online Course

You can easily build your online cruise through Kajabi. Your success depends on which tool you will select. It is the complete tool. 

  • Email marketing 

Now, marketing is easy to conduct. This tool determined the marketing quality. You can do email marketing and social media marketing with this tool.

  • In Built website

Kajabi offers you to manage your business in one place. No need to get any other virtual assistant to conduct other tasks. 

  • Easy to the payment process

Kajabi has an inbuilt payment process. With this system, you can sell your product or course on the first day of going live. 

  • It is called an analytical system

Matrics are essential to analyze performance. Kajabi does that. As Google Analytics helps us by presenting the report of getting traffic, traffic location, and exactly what people search for. 

  • It can customize the offer

Some people love decoding.  They want to customize the product by changing the code. Kajabi allows you to do that. 

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  • Limitless integrations

According to the users, “Third party systems like Mailchimp, Benchmark and their likes are a great way to collect emails of your prospective clients and students. So it just makes sense to have such integrations available within the dashboard of Kajabi.”

  • Powerful testimonials

You may know that testimonials are the best ebay top letting other people know your presence in the marketplace. A strong testimonial can showcase your talent.  

  • Kajabi university

Do you want to learn anything in detail about marketing? Kajabi has a sort of university basis system where you can learn how to sell products and get a profit.  

  • Amazing Customer support

Last but not least, Kajabi has excellent back customer support. It has a highly supportive platform. It works by giving the commitment to help you succeed online. 

Kajabi Features: 

  • Build a community with discussions.
  • Create online courses with audio, text, and video. 
  • sell your course online.
  • Do affiliate marketing to grow the target audience.
  • Send marketing emails to customers.
  • Drove sales through exciting features. 

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Kajabi Pricing

  • $129/month Basic plan for 5 products, 1k marketing emails/month, and 1k active members.
  • $389/month Pro plan for 100 products, 40k marketing emails/month, 100k active members, custom branding, affiliate program, and integrations.
  • $899/month Premium plan for unlimited products, 100k marketing emails/month,  full features, and unlimited active members. 

Final Words

 Here we have shared everything about Kajabi. Now, let us know your words. If you have already used this platform, don’t forget to share your words. 

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