Is it OK to say click here?

. This makes the text irrelevant to the user’s task. It distracts users from the purpose of the web page, which is for them to access information. A visitor has no idea what clicking means.

Therefore, he does not know how to read the information and his mind cannot understand it. This can lead to him to give up and not understand the purpose of the page. The main problem is that people think that a mouse is like a car. They have to know how to drive the car and be able to operate the mouse.

That is very complicated. You will need to practice to become good at using a mouse. So, instead of pointing to the mouse, try saying “Click here” or “Tap on it.” This puts too Click here much focus on the mouse and not on the interface. It distracts users from the purpose of the page, which is to access information.

[C]onsumers would find it difficult to remember if the link they follow takes them to a website with the same URL or to a site with a different one. Consumers also need to know which words should be in the link text to avoid ambiguity.

Akmal Jora
Author: Akmal Jora

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