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International visitors to India traveling here for the purpose of medical treatment can apply for an e-Visa for their journey that is called the Medical e-Visa. But as helpful as this easy process is the chances of them Indian Medical Attendant Visa to another country for a medical treatment alone are quite slim. More likely than not they would be accompanied by family members who can care for them and support them before and after the treatment. In order to enter the country while accompanying the visitor these family members can apply for an electronic Visa or e-Visa meant specifically for them. The Government of India has made available the Indian Medical Attendant Visa for family members of visitors to the country who are coming as patients for medical treatment. You can apply for the India Medical Attendant e Visa for India online instead of having to go to the local Indian Embassy in your country in order to procure it.

Eligibility Conditions for the India Medical Attendant Visa and the Duration of its Validity:

The application procedure for the Indian Medical Attendant Visa is quite simple but in order for you to be eligible for it you do need to meet a few eligibility conditions. Family members accompanying a patient traveling to India are eligible for this Visa. Like the Indian Medical Visa, the Indian Medical Attendant Visa is a short term Visa and is valid only for 60 days from the date of entry of the visitor into the country, so you would be eligible for it only if you intend to stay for no more than 60 days at one time. But the Medical Attendant Visa for India can be obtained three times per year so if you need to come back to the country accompanying the patient for their medical treatment after the first 60 days of your stay in the country then you can apply for it two more times within one year. Other than these eligibility requirements for the Medical Attendant Indian Visa from Austria for India, you also need to meet the eligibility conditions for the e-Visa in general, and if you do so you will be eligible to apply for it.

Grounds on which you can apply for the India Medical Attendant Visa:

You can apply for the Medical Attendant Visa for India only if you are traveling with someone who already has or has applied for the Indian Medical Visa and will be receiving medical treatment in India. Only 2 Medical Attendant Visas are granted against one Medical Visa, which means that only two people would be eligible to travel to India along with the patient who has already procured or has applied for a Medical Visa.

Requirements for the India Medical Attendant Visa:

Many of the requirements for the application for the Indian Medical Attendant Visa are the same as those for other e-Visas. These include an electronic or scanned copy of the first (biographical) page of the visitor’s passport, which must be the standard Passport, not Diplomatic or any other type of Passport, and which must remain valid for at least 6 months from the date of entry into India, otherwise you would need to renew your passport. The other requirements are a copy of the visitor’s recent passport-style colour photo, a working email address, and a debit card or a credit card for the payment of the application fees. You would also be required to possess a return or onward ticket out of the country. Apart from these documents and information other requirements specific to the Indian Medical Attendant Visa are documents and details related to the Medical Visa holder whom they would be accompanying. These include the name of the patient who must be the holder of the Medical Visa, the Visa number or the Application ID of the Medical Visa holder, the Passport Number of the Medical Visa holder, the date of birth of the Medical Visa holder, and the Nationality of the Medical Visa holder.

You should apply for the India Medical Attendant Visa at least 4-7 days in advance of your flight or date of entry into the country. While the Medical Attendant Visa for India does not require you to visit the Indian Embassy, you should make sure your passport has two blank pages for the Immigration Officer to stamp at the airport. Like other e-Visas, the holder of the Indian Medical Attendant Visa has to enter the country from the approved Immigration Check Posts which include 28 airports and 5 seaports and the holder has to exit from the approved Immigration Check Posts too.

Now that you know all of the eligibility conditions that you need to meet and all the documents and information that you will be required to provide in the application of the Indian Medical Attendant Visa you should be able to quite easily apply for the Medical Attendant Visa for India whose Indian e Visa Online Application Form is quite simple and straightforward. If you meet all of the eligibility conditions and have everything that is required to apply for it then you won’t find any difficulties in applying and getting the India Medical Attendant Visa. If, however, you require any clarifications you should contact Indian e Visa Help Desk for support and guidance.

India Medical Attendant e Visa requires that you provide the main patients details who requires India Medical e Visa.  Please note that if you are visiting your family members, friends, visiting for a Yoga trip or sight-seeing and touristic purposes, then your need to apply for India Tourist e Visa. For any trip that you planning to India which are related to recruitment, visiting companies, trade related meetings, business meetings, acting as an expert in a new or ongoing project, commercial discussions, conferences, trade fairs and business or industrial meetings and discussions, you have to apply for India Business e Visa Online.

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