How to write in third person? Complete the guide

Knowing how to write in the third person is very important, different  types of writing request this format, for example, academic and journalistic writing. But even in the web environment it is much more attractive when the content is written in this way. Therefore, with a little practice  it is possible to handle it like an expert  very quickly and surely with this guide you will achieve it.

What is writing in the third person?

When speaking of writing in the third person, it refers to the use of the third person pronouns, that is: he, she, se, con, ellas, ellos, les, among others. On the other hand, when speaking in the first person, it is used: I, my, we, we are, among others.

Writing in the third person is much more professional and less subjective, it also allows you to give information and opinions much more formally and of course this denotes credibility and gives the reader much more confidence. That is why it is important to know the advantages and benefits of a good writing for your blog . Where, you will be able to understand this topic in depth and achieve the best goals.

Guide to writing in the third person expertly

Writing in the third person is much easier than it seems, the most important thing  is to get completely away from first person pronouns  and when you least expect it you will be achieving a text that will look very professional.

 Don’t use second person pronouns eitherIt is very common for writers to easily stray away from first person pronouns, but  sloppy with second person pronouns  which are: you, you, you, among others. Unless you want it to be, these pronouns do not help the formality of the text either and, on the contrary, you are speaking directly to the reader as if you knew him (in some cases this is positive, for example for business writing).

 Pay attention to the use of plural and singular

This is a very common mistake, in a text you can find, as well as different pronouns, also in the singular and in the plural on different occasions. A very clear example of this is the use of the word  people that, although it covers many people,  is in the singular and when referring to it, the pronoun this should be used, instead of them.

 Be the omniscient author

This means that you know everything, but  you don’t get involved in the narrative.  In this case, you are a kind of God who knows every detail, without being part of the story. This is the most professional and  formal way of writing in the third person . To achieve this you only have to focus on the facts or characters themselves.

 Take care of the transitions

Certainly, in those moments when you go from one fact to another or from one piece of information to another, it is very common for you to lose the format you have been using, which is why  the use of connectors is key to maintaining the same environment throughout the text. Learning that it is a transition within the writing of texts is very important, since the fluency of our content will depend on that.

 More information and less own thoughts

Even if you agree or disagree with what you write, the most important thing is that  it is well supported by research or knowledgeable about the subject , your opinion, in addition to being superfluous, will not give you a greater plus than some studies carried out by experts. 

Understanding well between good writing, its types of writing and functions, is vital to ensure that our business or website obtains good results on the Internet. That is why you should take it into account.

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