How to make a synopsis? The 5 key steps

It is one of the most important elements of a book. A good synopsis can be the difference between whether the reader buys your book or chooses another. But, despite its size, the synopsis is a more complex element than it may seem, since it requires knowing several keys to do it correctly. Do you want to know how to make a synopsis in the most professional way? At Mirahadas we offer you all the keys to carry it out

The key to success, how to make a synopsis of a book?

If you are preparing to  publish a book  or  send it to a publisher , one of the biggest challenges you will face is how to write a book synopsis correctly. Sometimes we have the wrong idea about what it is and what information you should provide in a  synopsis . Next, we give you some of the keys to know how to make a successful synopsis in your book.

  1. Surely you think that a  “small summary”  or a couple of beautiful sentences will be enough to get an attractive text. This is not like this! So what is a synopsis?
  2. A synopsis is, along with the book cover  and title,  the most effective marketing tool . This is the part that will define our novel and by which we will be judged. 
  3. You should take the synopsis seriously and not settle for the first idea that comes into your head. And of course, never do without a professional  spell checker  , because a mistake in the synopsis will destroy everything you have created so far.
  4. To help you, here is a guide on how to write an attractive synopsis and the most frequent mistakes that are made.

be brief

You have to try to say as much as possible as soon as possible.

Knowing how to make a good synopsis of the book is to understand that it is not a summary of it, but a global vision of it. Readers don’t want you to bore them with words that don’t communicate anything: it’s about selling your story, not forcibly condensing the story into a few lines.

We must be clear that when it comes to knowing how to write a synopsis, the reader must understand the most relevant aspects of the story.

  1. Present your premise,  a hook  that captures attention and provokes the desire to continue reading.
  2. Define the main character, but identify his motive, you must drag the reader into the universe you have created
  3. Tell the audience the main problem and add details about the space-time in which it all happens.

don’t try to be complicated

This is not the time to make reading difficult.

  1. It is about the reader, at a glance, being able to see what the story is about and if it convinces him enough to give it a try.
  2. We recommend that your synopsis be around  250 words. It is about generating a small text that leaves the reader captivated, as if it were a crush.
  3. So be direct and add only the important data: use clear and simple words. The goal is to be accurate and effective, not to distract the reader. Also, leave out insignificant character details and avoid including secondary characters unless absolutely necessary.

Do not reveal an essential part of the plot

It’s about creating as much interest as possible in the book, and the more you hint without showing, the better.

  1. The synopsis should only include the main plot, so don’t complicate your life and leave out any subplots or secondary characters, unless absolutely necessary.
  2. Get readers to want to read your book and then they will discover the rest themselves.
  3. Focus on the points of interest: You will know that you have selected well when, when summarizing the plot of your book, you have marked a  clear narrative itinerary.

You should invite the reader to read more

It may seem complicated, but it is the ultimate objective to know how to correctly make a synopsis of your book. We must put ourselves in the reader’s place and think  “After reading this, why would I want to read it?” ,  “Is there something that induces me to read more?” 

Although it may seem obvious, do not forget to write the synopsis in the same style and tone of your book. Sometimes, we treat the synopsis as an independent and secondary text, without realizing the mistake we are making.

  1. No  spoilers . If you reveal more than necessary, you will be less motivation for the reader and they will not buy your book.
  2. Don’t even think about putting a fragment of the book.
  3. Put the descriptions aside . 
  4. If you are thinking of introducing dialogues in the synopsis , you must use them in their proper measure and with a sense. 
  5. Beware of the “What will happen to this great suspense story? Don’t miss the next episode . ” You should not leave questions hanging in the air or ask rhetorical questions. You may think that this builds suspense, but in reality, you are taking the reader out of the story.

Show the end result to multiple readers

They can be several versions, or just one, but the comments you receive from them will be crucial to know if you managed to understand how to make a synopsis of the book.

Review the synopsis over and over again. If there are errors in it, who is going to want to read your book? Don’t let there be any!

Once you visualize in your mind the outline of “dos and don’ts” when it comes to knowing how to write a synopsis , keep these tips in mind:

  • Who is the protagonist?  What does he want or what does he have to get? What is your conflict? Where is all this leading you?
  • Remember to review what you have written. You may have made a mistake or you are not conveying the meaning you intended. If necessary, ask for help from your closest circle; their opinion will tell you if you have found the right path or if the synopsis is not attractive.
  • Take care of grammar and spelling . If faults are found in the synopsis, there is no guarantee that they will not be found in the novel. 
  • Use the present tense before the past tense  to write the synopsis.
  • Use the third person instead of a leading narrator . It may seem original to you to use a character to introduce the novel, but you will still have to apply everything we have seen in this article and the task may be more overwhelming and insidious. Better to walk on firm ground.
  • Although the  best sellers  are not perfect in terms of content, there is a great editorial work behind them to make them the star product. Therefore, if you have doubts, look at the synopsis of the books that sell the most and take these techniques to your field.

The power of words: The Power Words

These words are essential to know how to make an attractive synopsis. They are the ones that will move the reader inside and will charm him. You have to get to the back of their mind and connect with their emotions to get them right where you want them to be. There is no specific list of  power words  , as these will depend on the theme and genre of your book.

Synopsis Types

If you come looking for a classification by types of synopsis, I have to give you bad news. Since there is no proper typology to classify the synopses. You will have to use ingenuity to carry out the writing of your synopsis. But, to make it easier for you, here are two types of synopses from two of our published authors, which can help you know how to write a synopsis:

Antithesis : Olga is barely a child when the Russian Revolution breaks out in 1917. Being part of an aristocratic family, she is forced to flee from her native Saint Petersburg to Paris, accompanied by her parents and her brother. Once there, her life turns out to be very different, but she finds a way out: her ballet classes.

The years go by and his talent in this discipline grows more and more. Her parents decide that the best thing she can do so that her gifts are not lost is to continue with classical dance in a Russian school. Olga returns to her country with a false identity to continue her training. Once again established in Russia, she will try to make her way to become a great dancer.

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