How to make a personal biography? steps to achieve it

Do not forget the 3 key points

We have reached the end! If you have followed our advice, you should now know how to make a biography in the most professional way, but do not forget the last 3 extra points:

Review the text you have written!

Yes, we already know, you will never be satisfied with what you have written in a first version, and maybe not even in a second or third.

Personal biographies are only a portion of a person’s life, it is normal that, after reading what you have written about yourself, with the modesty that this entails, you may realize that there is information that you forgot to include or information that you think it doesn’t convey what you want.

It is difficult to summarize years of life and experience in 250 words. We are conscious.

Therefore, doing it correctly is an art: you have to pay attention to each paragraph, meditate on it, rest it and agree on it with trusted people who give you an objective opinion. The latter is vitally important. Do not publish a biography without it having gone through the objective review of a third party. It will correct you, for sure, both a mistake and an approach or idea that you want to convey.

And please don’t go over 250 words.

This is a good number for the reader to know more about you, but without getting bored.

Do not be excessive and save experiences for your family and friends.

But above all, keep your bio updated.

Don’t forget to check your bio and update it. It is very unprofessional when you access information that, from the beginning, looks outdated. How to write a biography in the most professional way involves taking care of all the details!

With a bit of perseverance to keep it up to date, you will save yourself unnecessary criticism and your own work to update it when you no longer have any other choice and say to yourself, and now, how do I continue with this?

Now you have all the keys to know how to write a biography! Get to work and go for it!

Reflections for book authors

When you have decided  to publish a book  and you already have everything prepared and organized to achieve it, there are certain details that you have to take into account and that are of great importance. One of the aspects that always generates many doubts for  new writers  is the answer to the question:  How to write a biography?

It is a common question that authors ask themselves once they have published their work and have to make themselves known. In the biography, a presentation of the author is made and it must be given the  right importance , since it will be one of the first elements of the book that readers will read. Worry about knowing how to make a personal or professional biography, since it is a fundamental element.

Tips to know how to write an author biography correctly

It is essential that you know how to properly orient your biography so that you offer the necessary information to your readers and that they can learn more about the person who wrote the book. Sometimes the author’s biography is one of the sections that readers read first and can be decisive when buying a book.

Next, we give you some tips to keep in mind to know how to make a personal biography.

Don’t confuse bio with resume : The biography for your book should talk about you and what you can offer your readers. It is not about exposing your resume and boring lists of titles. In your biography you must tell information about yourself and about the motivations that have led you to write your work.

Write directly and in the third person : if you want to sound elegant, it is better that you use the third person to talk about yourself. It is better that you define yourself from an external plane and that you show that you have experience or relationship with the plot of your story. If you have visited some of the sites you talk about in your book, you should indicate it in your biography, although in a direct and simple way, without exaggerating it. So you will know how to make a biography in the most professional way.

Fundamental information : some of the fundamental information that you must include in your biography are the date and place of birth, the prizes that you may have won, your career insofar as it helps to understand the work, references to works or publications that you have published. done previously.

In addition, you must incorporate information that can capture the attention of readers, especially if it is related to the characters in your book. Finally, it is interesting that you include personal information or references to your blog or page where more information can be obtained. As we said before, you can search the internet for examples to know how to make a biography, either personal or professional.

As you can see, many aspects must be taken into account when writing your biography to avoid generating a certain “disconnection” with the public or failing to convey what you really want or need. You should always look for a connection between your work and your biography , making the public connect with you.

If you want us to give you more personalized advice, please contact us and we will help you so that you know how to make a biography. And, of course, if you have a manuscript and would like to publish it with us,  feel free to send it to us for evaluation .

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