How to get a CCNA Certification

A Certified Cisco Network Associate (CCNA) certification, is for interested candidates, who think of a career in network expertise. This certification covers the area of automation, programs, IP services, and security knowledge. Generally, beginners in the IT profession choose this certification. With the help of this certification, you can learn about computer networking. While thinking of a career in computer networking, CCNA certification can be helpful. Though for a descriptive learning approach, you can opt for CCNA Training in Noida, to get a better insight into this certification. Also, this certification is available in many formats and has a plethora of specializations. With this certification, you can hold positions like help desk technicians, network administrators, network engineers, or network support specialists.

Career path for CCNA Certification

Though there are no formal requirements for this certification. It is proven to help use their specialization before enrolling in a course. Additionally, the organization advises applicants to develop a necessary understanding of network principles which includes the functioning of IP addresses. Further, these steps can you with a better understanding

  1. Earlier experience: A basic understanding of computer networking benefits before pursuing this certification. As technology-related degrees provide students with some ground-level understanding of the subjects. Further, having a relevant academic background may guide you in preparing for this exam.
  2. Review Exam Topics: Review important exam topics before training for this certification to gain a better idea of what subjects to study. Generally, each exam consists of six fundamental topics, which are; Network fundamentals, Network access, IP connectivity, IP services, Security fundamentals, and, Automation and programmability.
  3. Training Programs: You can target specialized training classes online to prepare for the CCNA exam. However, if you prefer to attend classes in person, you may consider joining technical institutions in your close locations. From all the available options CCNA Training Institute in Delhi can guide you on a productive path.
  4. Mock Test: The candidate should be up-to-date with the technological advancement in the environment as they look forward to expanding their knowledge. Further, moving towards the final steps of preparation, you should give mock tests. By doing this, you come across similar exam question, that helps you in preparations. With an experience with the mock test, you perform well in the exam.
  5. Schedule the exam: Schedule your exam on the Cisco or Pearson VUE website when you are ready for the official CCNA exam. You can plan your exam up to six weeks in advance. These 6 weeks should deal with the final touch of the preparation. Professionals in charge organize exams in-person at authorized testing facilities across the nation.
  6. Revalidate after three years: A CCNA certification is valid for three years. Further, after three years, you can opt for a recertification exam or submit continuing education formats to maintain the certification. You can also earn continuing education credits by completing certain activities that are about additional training courses. You can do this by locating the complete recertification catalogue guide by visiting the Cisco website. Moreover, you are responsible for tracking your certification status and also completing recertification activities on time.


Certification is as good as the accreditation behind it as it lends credibility in the near future. Also, CCNA is among the best organizations in the business world backing it. Being a world leader in networking, Cisco’s business functions to transform how people communicate and collaborate, and manufacture the vast majority of IT communication equipment in use, today. The CCNA certification is thus globally-recognized and well-respected.

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