How to Find Someone on Facebook?

If you know someone’s phone number then you might be able to find that person on Facebook using the number but only when the number of that person is linked to his or her account. 

This guide will show you how to find someone on Facebook with phone number so that you are able to use it and find your friends and family on the platform the only thing you need to do is to follow the steps provided to cautiously avoid any mistakes. 

Methods to Find Someone on Facebook with the Help of a Phone Number 

Method no. 1 – With the help of 

The first method is to use for which you have to access on the browser you are accessing after which you need to log into your account when prompted. 

  • Hit on the search bar when you have logged into your account on the home page and then fill in the 10-digit phone number which you have along with the area code to find a person on Facebook. 
  • After filling in the number you have to make sure to click on enter button to initiate the search, you will see a single search result if the account associated with that number is there on Facebook. 

If you do not see the result then it is possible that the other person hasn’t linked their account with their phone number or they are using some other number.  

Method no. 2 – Use the mobile app of Facebook 

  • You can also look for someone on Facebook with the help of the Facebook application also, for which you need to first get the app on your device by installing it. 
  • After installing the app you must also access your account by putting in your credentials for login. 
  • After accessing your account you need to look for the search icon and tap on it and when you will click on it you will be able to see the recent searches you made using your account. 
  • Now, you have to put in the number which you want to use to find someone by phone number on Facebook but you need to fill in the number along with the area code also. 
  • After you put in the number, click on the search button to begin the search, after the search is completed you will be able to see a single search result on which you have to click to go to the profile of the person you were looking for. 
  • If somehow you are not able to see the result then there can be two possibilities that, either that person has a private account that’s why it didn’t show up or that person is using another number for their account.  

Now, you know the steps which you can use to look for someone on the Facebook platform with the help of a phone number which means you can find anybody you want anytime with the help of the phone number you have.

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