How to Design the Navigation Bar of Your Site?

A website may seem like an open book at first glance, but it is not. There are a number of categories, subcategories, and hidden pages with useful content insights for website visitors. The site owners cannot display everything on the main page as it will create more chaos. Structuring the site and managing the links is necessary, and a proper navigation bar is necessary to help users access the inner pages.

The navigation bar provides insight to the users about the detailed structure and positioning of the content. However, it needs proper design to ease the search and experience of users. Following a few design ideas can help you ace it.

Dig deeper into the details of this article to explore and learn how you can design a navigation bar for your website and ensure perfect functionality.

Top 6 Navigation Bar Design Ideas for Beginners

Navigation bars significantly impact the user experience, due to which site owners need to pay more attention to their design and appearance. Boosting the usability, accessibility, and learnability of the navigation bars will ensure more and more engaged users. It will significantly increase your overall ranking, so pay attention to it and utilize popular ideas to enhance it.

Here are some notable navigation bar design ideas beginners can follow and implement for impressive results.

1. Opt For Strategic Navigation

Opting for a strategic navigation bar is the first and foremost design idea you can follow and implement. You should be able to grab the attention of users from the get-go. Placing the navigation bar strategically and including elements that can keep the users hooked and engaged are inevitable. You can include bell icons, notification bars, and CTAs to attract users. Using all of this strategically is not easy and requires expert-level skills. This is why site owners hire web design Dubai companies and let experts design the navigation bar strategically.

2. Use Simple Language

Using simple language is one of the most crucial navigation bar design ideas you should never ignore. You might be tempted to add quirky and catchy phrases in the navigation bar; however, this is not the right approach. All of the users might not be aware of these phrases and need to Google the meaning before proceeding. The content in the navigation bar should be simple and clear. You can experiment with the description if you must. Moreover, ensure the users can reach the desired page with one or two clicks to ensure overall simplicity.

3. Consider Breadcrumb Navigation

Breadcrumb navigation is the most important design idea you need to add to your practice essentially. While exploring your site deeper, the users may get confused about their way back. Pressing the back button multiple times may not help them get back to the page they want to find. Breadcrumb navigation is the best wayfinding strategy that can help users track their journey. It will also encourage them to explore the site deep down without worrying. Such a design is specifically essential for ecommerce sites to generate more sales.

4. Pay Attention to Color Contrast

Paying attention to color contrast is the next navigation bar design idea you should add to your practice. Navigation bars reflect the menu and structure of the site. Lack of color contrast will diminish the distinction between the regular content and navigation details. It may complicate the user experience by limiting content accessibility. Distinguishing such details is specifically challenging for users with visual impairment issues. It can also earn a poor ranking on your site, so do not take the matter lightly and take appropriate steps for a better contrast ratio.

5. Pick a Consistent Structure and Style

Choosing consistent structure and style is the next navigation bar design idea you must follow diligently. Adding subcategories in the navigation bar just to highlight popular links or in-demand pages will ruin the overall structure. You must design carefully and logically instead of experimenting on the basis of the latest trends. You can opt for a consistent style that guides the way of users through the site. You can boost the user experience with simple modifications like adding a line under the text to highlight the links and help users navigate smoothly.

6. Design Responsively

Designing responsively is the last yet most important navigation bar design idea you should never overlook. You must account for desktop and mobile users and pay attention to various screen sizes. Users with non-standard screen sizes may be unable to use the navigation bar smoothly and quit it. It is not wrong on their part, but you need to ensure maximum responsiveness of your site and utilize every possible means to ensure that. You can hire experts from SpiralClick to design the navigation bar and overall site to ensure perfect responsiveness.

Are you unsatisfied with your navigation bar design?

If you are unsure about the design of your site’s navigation bar, you can always redesign it. Contact and get professional designers on board if you lack skills and expertise in the area and ensure perfectly attractive and captivating designs.

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