How to be a content creator

Surely you follow many content creators and wonder how they do it, how they got there or how they got such a large and involved community. Well, there is a methodology to be like them. Today at Edix, we explain step by step how to be a content creator. Follow us!

We cannot deny that being a content creator is in fashion . It is one of those new digital professions that have emerged in recent times and are here to stay. In fact, if you ask many young people what they want to be when they grow up, surely this is one of the most repeated professions (although they will tell you youtuber, twichero or even influencer, a mistake as we will see). But it is not a bed of roses. To become a successful content creator, you need to be constant, courageous, and push yourself on a daily basis. Lets start by the beginning.

What is a content creator? 

A creator or a content creator is the person responsible for creating valuable content for different channels in which they share their material (written, visual or audiovisual) with their audience. 

The platforms for which it generates content can range from websites to blogs, through applications or social networks. The content creator usually targets a specific audience that is interested in or finds useful what this person posts.

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What does a content creator do? 

The day to day of a content creator is very varied. Among his tasks, designing and developing a well-planned content strategy that indicates what is going to be published, in what format and at what time stands out. Nothing can be left to chance. Valuable content must be taken care of, so you must know how to edit images and videos , and have knowledge of creative copy. Another of the functions of the content creator is to analyze the results of their publications . He must know what is working and what is not, and look for the reasons.

Types of content creators: which one will you be?  

Although we are speaking in general terms of content creators, the truth is that there are different specialties. Broadly speaking, some of the most common types of content creators are photographers, streamers, podcasters, or influencers .

If we focus on themes, we can talk about content creators in fields such as fashion, travel, new technologies, coaching or food, among many others. 

Keep in mind that it is important that you choose a field that you master or in which you have special interest since you will spend many hours researching and preparing the content.

Difference between content creator and influencer

On many occasions people confuse the terms influencer and content creator. Sometimes they are used interchangeably and there are nuances that differentiate one from the other. In the case of influencers, we are talking about people who seek to share their life with their community, who seek to grow as one of the main objectives. On the other hand, content creators, although they may have fewer and less loyal followers, seek to create and share content that educates or conveys information that contributes something to their community.

Training and skills of a content creator

Before starting to work as a content creator, you should know that it is necessary to have adequate training and a series of skills that will make your job easier.

What to study to be a content creator? 

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Skills of a digital content creator

The main skills that a digital content creator must have are:

  • Consistency: This is a long-distance race that requires consistency every step of the way.
  • Commitment: if you agree to deliver or publish something on that day, you must always do so. It will be valued by the client, the public or the brands involved.
  • Communication: not everyone has good communication skills. The person must know how to adapt to her public.
  • Eager to learn: you must show interest in the content that you are transmitting, so you must be involved in the subject.

How to be a content creator step by step 

We have already seen almost everything about this emerging figure, but we still need to know the functions of a content creator step by step and how you can start creating your own community:

Analyze and study the theme, competition and opportunities 

You can’t go crazy with the first song that comes to mind. Check what interests people, how you could contribute things and what the competition is like.

Create a content strategy 

You must be clear before taking action. In the content strategy of the content creator, all the keys will be reflected so that your future is promising.

Choose the format or formats 

Remember the saying: “who covers a lot, squeezes little”. Choose if you want to work on writing, launch yourself with videos or do a podcast. Whatever you want. But start with one.

Edit and share posts

Publish where you publish, each of your publications must be very pampered. Details are important. Share them in all your networks to reach more people.

Analyze your results and compare performance

Numbers matter. You should measure your posts to see if they are working and compare them to past ones and your competitors to see what people like.

Adjust the strategy whenever necessary

Don’t be obfuscated. There are times when you have to change the established objectives and nothing happens. Adjust your content strategy as you progress as a content creator.

How to grow your community? 

It is difficult to reach the top and, above all, to stay if you do not have an audience behind you that supports you. Some of the keys to growing your community as a content creator are:

  • It offers unique, attractive, original and never-before-seen content.
  • Establish a direct relationship with your audience: involve them, address them directly, answer all their comments…
  • Show yourself close and pay attention to their suggestions.
  • Motivate them to recommend you as a content creator.
  • Loyalty to your audience through some kind of prize or promotion.

How to monetize your content?

The first thing you should do to monetize your content creator account is check the conditions offered by each platform on which you are present. Both YouTube and Instagram, TikTok and Twitch allow you to earn money with your account. 

Another good option to monetize your content is to collaborate with brands , which should be related to what you offer. You can also offer exclusive content for subscribers who register or offer training and workshops on your way of working.

If you have come this far, it is because you are clear that you want to be a content creator. Remember that it is not easy and that it requires great effort, but it is always easier if you have the appropriate training. What are you waiting for to enroll?

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