Benefits of stretched bar-style LCD displays

Signages have been used for centuries as a medium to give information about a place or a thing or for advertising any product or service. In olden times, boards made of wood or paper were used for making signage but with the evolution of time and technology use of digital signage became very common and they took over the market.

Today digital signage like stretched bar LCD displays can be seen in almost all public places. Public places like restaurants, malls, and railway stations have switched to these kinds of digital displays because they are more energy efficient than others.

This kind of display is rectangular in shape which is why they are also called bar displays and have an LCD screen ratio of 3:1. They provide an ultra-wide angle view which helps in providing proper clarity to the contents of the screen. 

Why are digital signs better than traditional signs? (benefits)

The biggest factor that makes stretched bar-style LCD displays a better option than traditional signage is that they can be customized according to the need of the business and the area in which they will be used. This helps businesses in creating a distinct display that is customized according to their needs.

Some of the other reasons that make stretched LCD a better option are listed below.

  • Zero glare – The bar-styled LCDs are designed with a glass screen that helps in minimizing any possible glare. When artificial or natural light hits the screen of traditional displays, it creates a blinding effect that disrupts the viewing process of an individual by restricting visual clarity. But this problem doesn’t arise in case LCD displays, the glass screen in them offers a crystal clear image to the viewers and protects their eyes from blinding glares.
  • Energy efficient – In today’s day and age everyone wants to buy electronic items which are energy-efficient in nature. A stretched bar LCD display is an ideal match for all those people because it offers high energy efficiency. The aluminum substrate used in an LCD display helps in the easy and effective absorption of heat which causes a reduction in the light decay of the led lamp. Moreover, low energy consumption helps in lowering the cost of usage. This kind of display consumes less energy than other displays, so it is great for homeowners and business owners who want to lower their utility bills.
  • Longevity – Most LCD displays available in the market last for around 10-15 years even if they are used 8 hours a day, this might not be ideal for business owners because they will again have to spend money on buying new digital signage after a few years, thus increasing their cost. But a stretched LCD display can last forever because the life expectancy of the backlight, which is the determining factor of the lifespan of the display, is pretty. This is only possible because the liquid crystals present inside them do not give off light themselves, rather the liquid crystals depend on the backlight for illuminating them. That means the LCD display only wears off when the backlight reaches its maximum lifespan.
  • Highly functional –  Stretched bar LCD is highly functional as their screens can be customized to make them interactive. Their main functions can be listed as touch selection, multipoint writing, and interaction between humans and technology. The touch of the bar LCD display is flexible and can be produced according to the requirements of the customer. They can be made in different sizes, different structures, and different touch screens with different system display schemes.

Selecting a good quality stretched bar LCD

If you are someone who is looking to buy a good bar-styled LCD for your business, then the below-mentioned parameters may come in handy in determining the quality of an LCD display.

  • The brightness of the LCD – The brightness of the display is one of those things that can be easily customized, the brightness can be increased by increasing the brightness of the background light or the number of lamps.
  • The contrast of the LCD – The contrast of an LCD can be described as the brightness ratio between the brightest and the darkest color on the screen. It is better to choose an LCD display with high contrast because it will ensure relatively high brightness and the colors on the screen will appear more vivid.
  • Response time of the LCD – In the case of LCDs, response time is referred to the speed at which the pixels of the display respond to any input signal. It is said that a speed of 5ms to 8ms is the ideal response time. 

Key takeaways

Stretched LCD displays are energy efficient and can last way longer than traditional digital displays, thus making them a better option for signage for business owners. Although their cost upfront is more than their traditional counterpart, their longevity makes them a cost-effective option. Because of these beneficial features, they have gained a lot of popularity in recent years and can be seen in almost all sectors.   

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