Favorite’ Almost-sold-out Sweatshirt Now Comes in a Comfy Crewneck Option

Any travel wardrobe is complete with a cozy sweatshirt, especially if you have a long flight ahead of you. Yet, if your schedule begins as soon as you land, it’s likely that you’ll want to wear something less drab than your go-to, well-worn hoodie. That’s why comfortable yet stylish loungewear, like the new Spanx AirEssentials Crew, is useful. Essentials hat

The Spanx AirEssentials Crew is the newest addition to the line, which has previously received Oprah Winfrey’s seal of approval (she likes the AirEssentials Half-Zip Sweater and AirEssentials Wide-Leg Pants and included them on her 2022 Favorite Things List). It still offers the same buttery softness that reviewers adore, but now it comes in a versatile crewneck sweater option.

And we anticipate that the Spanx AirEssentials Crew will sell out quickly, just like its half-zip predecessor. One of its six color choices is actually already out of stock. However, rest assured that you may still get one in the colors black, deep caramel, spice burgundy-brown, white, and delicate pink. These come in sizes XS to 3XL.

Its softness, which is entirely attributable to Spanx’s renowned AirEssentials fabric, has made it a customer-favorite sweater as we’ve already noted. Wearing this cozy space fabric gives you full mobility, even while you’re attempting to swiftly remove your shoes at TSA security or lift your carry-on suitcase out of the overhead compartment. It feels silky on the skin and is incredibly stretchy.

The Spanx AirEssentials Crew is also very light and breathable, which is great if you tend to get hot easily or plan to wear it while working out. To save some room in their luggage or to stay warm in the airplane cabin, it’s also perfect for travellers who enjoy layering several shirts underneath their sweaters. Essentials Brown Hoodie

The Spanx AirEssentials Crew is moreover exceptionally light and breathable, which is fantastic news if you tend to become hot or plan to wear it while working out. It’s also perfect for people who like to layer several shirts underneath their sweaters while traveling, whether it’s to save some room in their luggage or to stay warm in the airplane cabin.

One of the most adaptable pieces in your travel wardrobe, the Spanx AirEssentials Crew features a relaxed, drapey fit for enhanced warmth and has that throw-on-and-go style. Whether paired with exercise leggings, sneakers, jeans, and shorts, it looks great for both casual outings and active pursuits. When the situation calls for it, however, it is simple to dress it up; for added flair, wear it with a skirt or fine pants and your favorite heeled shoes.

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