Direct Mail: Types and Advantages

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By John lucas

Recently, the CEO of a prominent Ed-tech company floated the idea of an audio-visual reading medium, the kind seen in Harry Potter movies. This led to a debate between the traditionalists i.e those who prefer the smell of a greeting card over digital mail, and the tech enthusiasts over the best mode of communication -paper or digital? Direct mail or E-mail? hand written cards or custom musical greeting cards? Both sides made some convincing arguments. But does such a thing even exist at present? Suffice it to say, there have been significant developments in this field and many companies are actively pursuing this technology.

Is paper dead?

From schools to colleges and workspaces, the dominance of technology is undeniable. PDFs have replaced assignment sheets, e-books have replaced books and e-mail is preferred over direct mail. Despite all this, how has paper survived then? Because paper has a tangible effect on the human mind. When a loved one receives a handwritten greeting card, the feeling is much more personal than a WhatsApp text. Most people are still attached to the print medium and are much more likely to respond to direct mail over digital mail.

Advantages of direct mail

In this context, it is prudent to mention the significant advantages that a direct mail strategy offers to businesses such as a plain handwritten card or the new age technology which combines both the paper and digital element like an LCD Video Mailer. Statistical evidence also proves that direct mail is much better than digital mail. According to the Statistical Fact Book released by the Direct Marketing Association, companies spent $ 46 billion on direct mail in 2014. A study by Infotrends revealed that 42% of those who received direct mail, actually read or scanned their mail. Alternately, e-mails are ignored many times as people think companies spam customers with excessive promotional stuff. The latter may prove to be counter-productive because brand reputation suffers due to frivolous marketing tactics.

Types of direct mail

Acknowledging the role of technology in marketing, companies remain heavily invested in direct mail as a tool to enhance customer interaction.

Video Mailer

This is a significant upgrade in direct mail marketing strategy. Video mailers and brochures like LCD Video Mailer, a video message integrated into the print medium, are getting increasingly popular over the last few years. Organizations are seeing the potential of this technology as it is unique and dynamic. It innovatively engages the customers and gets them to pay more attention to the product. A written text message may not be able to invoke the same feeling of excitement as a video explaining the product along with the written text. 

According to an estimate, consumers who got direct mail advertisements were likely to recall the brand 75% of the time whereas the number plummeted to 44% when they were sent digital advertisements.

The open rate of such an integrated video mail is also more than a simple digital mail. The open rate is said to be 20% more than the latter.

The LCD Video Mailer is much more aesthetic than digital mail. The attractive look of such a mail is likely to draw the customer’s attention effectively.

The high-quality video along with written content can help the consumers to holistically understand the product.

Custom Greeting Cards

Imagine the pleasant surprise on a trusted customer’s or a loved one’s face when he/she receives a personalized greeting card that acknowledges the importance of the relationship. These greeting cards are especially tailor-made to connect with people. Such gifts leave a lasting impression on the concerned person who is much more likely to continue his business with a company that offers him such personalized service and makes him feel valued.

A greeting card like that can give a quick preview of the company along with an informative overview of the product. This has a proportionate effect on sales as well.

The average attention span of people is decreasing these days considering the amount of distraction and flooding of content on social media. In such a scenario, a business needs to stand out among its peers. What better way to achieve this than a custom-made greeting card specifically addressed to the customer?

Key Takeaway

What both the old-school paper advocates and new-age tech enthusiasts need to realize is that technology and tradition don’t necessarily need to exist in silos. Neither do they have to be antagonistic to each other. They can coexist in unique ways like video mailers and custom musical greeting cards. 96% of B2B organizations already use video as part of their digital marketing campaigns of which 73% report positive results on their ROI. Video in print technology will become more embedded in our lives over time and establish itself as a solid marketing strategy for businesses.

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