Digital Marketing to bolster solar panel sales

Learn how a business development agency in the UK can help your solar panels to fly off the shelves. Understand the different tools, and ad plans that are used

Every household is looking for green and renewable energy options to reduce the load of monthly electricity bills. In most cases, the customer gets confused after reading through the product portfolio listed on the webpage. The lead can get turned away after reading through the website as a barrage of information about solar panels hits them at once they search terms related to solar panels. Organic ads catering to the exact need of the leads can help the customer zero in on deciding the product, while the solar marketing agencies ease the customer journey from gaining knowledge to becoming a buyer.

Digital marketing to the rescue

A company struggling with the marketing campaign can lose out on their investment and clients can choose to go with a different company even if their product is less superior but their marketing efforts have given them a higher rank on the search engine page. A Business development agency in the UK can help out a solar company in the following ways:

  1. Increase sales figures: Digital Marketing agencies can help a company increase its revenue by boosting traffic through implementing SEO tools, Pay Per Click advertising campaigns, and content on social media. A marketing agency has a lot of specialized technical equipment at its command to make the client’s website run faster and more efficiently.
  2. Optimize Advertising Costs: If the company is bleeding a lot of money and getting little to no return based on its allocated marketing expenditure. A poorly implemented and planned social media campaign may result in getting unqualified leads. A streamlined approach to Pay Per Click advertisements can make the most out of each click.
  3. Make the product stand out: Solar marketing agencies can help the company make their USPs of the product more vivid and clear to the webpage visitors. Differentiation is crucial because it helps create a niche among the target audience and easy brand recognition.

Technical Marketing Tools Used

Solar powered based manufacturing companies can take the help of a business development agency due to the following tools at their disposal:

  1.  Comprehensive Analysis: Digital marketing agencies can give a report based on the existing competition of the company in the solar industry. It can help the company understand exterior opportunities and threats so that it can act on them.
  2. Website design: It doesn’t matter if the solar company is large or small in terms of sales or scale, what matters in today’s date is how well the website runs. A good website is the face of the company in modern times and needs a good landing page. A high-quality landing page can make the visitors write down their details in the call to action placed strategically throughout the website. A questionnaire on the website to be filled out by the visitor can help the company recommend products to the visitors.
  3. Email Marketing: Email marketing campaigns are effective in corporate scenarios. It is best to use this technique to attract the attention of people high up on the corporate ladder who would want a formal form of conversation.
  4. Social Media Marketing: Social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter can be used to catch the eye of users. These sites can host a variety of content; for example, reels are short videos that can convey the message using audio-visual cues. Images posted along with text can also be used to stay relevant to the target market.
  5. Analytics: A business agency in the UK, can provide insights into the current ROI of the digital marketing campaign implemented by the company and give results based on tracking and interpretation of the data collected. The collected information is analyzed and presented in a dashboard to make key changes in the marketing campaign. Based on the inferences, the people responsible for making decisions can choose between Cost Per Click and Cost Per Impression.
  6. SEO Optimization: SEO services provided by the company can make the website appear in a higher position on search engine results. Organically ranking up the webpage requires a few inherent changes to be made in the landing page and fewer bounce rates. SEO optimization also helps make the client reach their goals. A client can have a goal of maximizing conversion or maximizing traffic, or they need a balance to be achieved between the two.
  7. Content Marketing: Content can be written on the solar company’s website related to their products, or giving explanations on how to install their product. They may also host content regarding the information on the solar power industry. It can be written content or videos on YouTube that can be hosted on the site using embedded links. Writers can deliver content on relevant topics that are trending and have a buzz around them. It can even make the site appear high up on google search results.

Key Takeaway

In conclusion, solar marketing agencies can help a solar power company, get better-qualified leads, more traffic, and a better organic ranking on the search results of a search engine. A marketing agency is armed with a lot of important tools that the in-house marketing department doesn’t or they don’t have the competent talent to make a good marketing strategy.


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