Dental Implant Procedure – A Safe and Permanent Tooth Replacement Option

A dental implant procedure Baton Rouge la is a safe and permanent tooth replacement option for patients who are missing teeth. Whether you have one or more implants, they can restore your smile and keep you healthy and happy!

The process starts with a thorough examination and consultation with the dentist or surgeon. You may also need X-rays and 3D models of your mouth and jaw.

Implants are made of titanium

Dental implants are made from titanium, a strong and light metal that bonds well with bone. Titanium is also a safe material for use in dental implant procedures because it does not contain any toxic metals that may cause allergic reactions or other problems with dentist Baton Rouge.

While titanium has proven to be the material of choice for dental implants, there are other alternatives that have been developed over the years. These alternative materials include zirconia, stainless steel, gold, and cobalt-chromium.

Despite this, titanium has stood the test of time and remains a popular option among dentists. It is resistant to corrosion and has a high success rate.

The implant screw, which replaces the tooth root, and the abutment, which connects the implant to the crown (the visible ‘tooth’), are usually made of titanium. These two pieces are inserted into the jawbone separately.

They are inserted into the jawbone

Implants are placed into the jawbone, allowing for them to become anchored and provide stable support for replacement teeth. They are able to fuse with the bone through a process called osseointegration, ensuring that they will not slip or move in your mouth and that you can confidently smile and eat without fear.

Implant placement is a two-step procedure that typically requires at least 6 weeks of healing time between the first and second steps. During this time, you can wear temporary dentures or a soft diet to avoid causing further bone deterioration and allow your implants to bond with your jawbone.

Once the surgical procedure is complete, a dentist will place a metal post into the missing tooth’s socket in your jawbone. This will be topped by a crown. The doctor will also place a connecting piece, called an abutment, onto the implant.

They are topped with a crown

A crown is a prosthetic tooth-shaped device that covers and protects a damaged or decayed tooth. It can be used to repair a broken tooth or to replace a missing tooth.

When you have a dental implant procedure baton rouge la, your dentist will top the implant with a crown. The crown can be attached with screws or by cementing it to the abutment.

Screw-retained crowns are typically reserved for back teeth that will not be visible in your smile. These are good-looking and easy to maintain, but the screws can loosen over time, which means you’ll need to go to the dentist to tighten them again.

Cement-retained crowns are generally preferred for front teeth because they don’t have the discoloration that screw-retained crowns do. They are also more durable because they are bonded to the abutment.

They are a permanent solution

Whether you are missing one tooth or several teeth, dental implants can be a permanent solution to your oral health concerns. They restore your smile, increase your self-esteem and improve your overall quality of life.

Unlike a dental bridge, which requires reducing the adjacent teeth in order to hold them in place, implants do not damage your natural teeth. They can also help preserve the bone in your jaw and prevent bone loss.

Implants also work with your natural tooth roots to stimulate your jawbone, helping it to grow and stay healthy. This prevents sunken facial features and aging, which can result from the lost bone in the jaw.

Dental implants are also a more affordable option than other alternatives, like dentures or a dental bridge. In addition to their lower cost, they require less maintenance and are incredibly durable when properly cared for.

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