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If you are tech-savvy, then having a career in software is an excellent choice. When you choose your career path, the first thing to think about is the scope of that field in the coming years. And IT or software is a safe as well as ever-growing industry for starting your career. You can just go through Software Testing Online Training to for starting your learning journey. Moving further, let us explore more about Software Testing as a career option.

What is Software Testing?

Software Testing is a process of checking the software for any errors or bugs. Which may further lead to software malfunctions or even failures in the future. Thus, testing the software becomes a necessity to ensure a smooth running of the purpose for which it is designed.

Essential Skills:

A deep understanding of methods of software testing is important. You need to be capable of differentiating between various methods of software testing. And know the parameters to consider it is correctly functioning.

You need to be in constant touch with the latest trends in IT as the prerequisite of every job in the field of software testing. When software designing trends are changing, the software testing trends also go with the same. Sticking to one single technique of checking the software for years will not always work.

Sharp Aptitude and Passion: Indeed, software testing welcomes engineers who have computer and technical skills at their fingertips. One needs to be truly passionate about software and everything related to computers to grow in this field.

Basic Education Path:


A bachelor’s degree in computer science or a bachelor’s in technology after the 12 examinations is Essential.

If you are from a Commerce background, you can take up the degree of bachelor’s in computer applications.


A master’s degree in software engineering or a master’s in technology.

Masters in computer applications or MCA is also preferable for software testing jobs.

Basic Work of a Software Tester:

  • Minutely check the quality and work of the software.
  • Check the user-friendliness and inter-browser capabilities of the software.
  • Protecting the software from external threats that lead to software glitches and sometimes even software failures.
  • Working towards the long tenure to keep the software effective to avoid loss in the name of obsolescence.
  • Stress testing to make sure that the software does not crash at the time of critical situations or even heavy traffic users.

Career Opportunities:

QA Analyst – When you begin as a fresher in this field, you would start as a QA Analyst. The main tasks include finding faults and errors in software and thereafter correcting them. The job is of a basic level, but it is technical in nature. You may move to Senior QA Analyst after gaining experience in this field for a few years. You may further move to become a Team lead of a group of QA Analysts.

Automation Tester – If you have an interest and expertise in coding then the Automation Tester profile can be a fit choice for you. In automation testing, you write automated test scripts that test the software for the expected result for performing some sequence of test steps.

Test Lead – After some decent experience as QA and Senior QA Engineer, one moves to a Test Lead position. They look after the team of QAs and the testing process.

A Test Manager – The role of a test manager is to manage the whole testing process, resource allocation, as well as management.

Test Architect – The test architect mainly limits the set of testing practices and automation frameworks for various projects.


In the present tech industry, the trends are continuously changing. There are constant advancements in a blink of an eye. Therefore, any career in the field of IT is flourishing in the coming decades. Start learning with Software Testing Training Institute in Noida and move towards a secure career.

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