Top Benefits of a Custom Mobile Event App for Your Next Event

Mobile is the future and that is the reason why a lot of organizations are shifting to event apps for mobile. If you are an event organizer mobile app can be a really good option for you as these apps will help in managing your event and they will also help event attendees in getting all the required updates.

Event spp for the web is important these days if you are hosting an event be it in-person, hybrid, or virtual. In this blog, we are going to share some of the top benefits of using a custom mobile app for your event.

Top Benefits Of A Custom Mobile Event App

Here are some of the top benefits of a custom mobile event app:

1. Economical

One of the benefits of using an event app for mobile is that it is economical. A mobile event app is usually cost-effective and you can customize them according to your event needs. The price of an all-in-one event app

is far less than the cost of printing the necessary flyers, signs, registration forms, and other materials. Which means you can save a good amount of money. Your custom app can have all the features that you need without spending much.

2. Online Ticketing

Today, most individuals use a mobile device constantly when they are on the go. This is why you should consider using a custom mobile event app as a channel to market your tickets. It enables your attendees to make purchases easily with simple payment apps. With the help of the event app, you will be able to offer various types of event tickets for the same event. You can also track your ticket sale with the help of the mobile event app.

3. Push Notifications & Reminders

It is one of the major benefits of using an on-ground event app or hybrid event app. The days when organizations used to send emails for each update to the event calendar are long gone. Now, most event organizers prefer push notifications and reminders because they are quick and effective.

They help event organizers communicate brief updates to engage attendees. Some platforms also offer polls, competitions, surveys, and more in a push notification. Increasing engagement is as simple as tapping the screen.

4. Feedback

The next benefit of using a mobile event app is easy feedback collection. Attendees’ suggestions and feedback can be used to make modifications in real time during the event. Or to measure ROI and make modifications to future events after the event. So it is important to have a mobile app that offers feedback options.

Some apps must offer features like live polls, session evaluations, question-answer sessions, etc. To make it easier for event attendees to interact with attendees and comprehend their demands.

5. Easy Check-Ins

The next advantage of having a mobile event app for your event is that it offers easy check-ins. These events apps are like a one-stop solution for event planners, they help with ticketing, check-in, and also registrations.

With the help of an in-person event app event attendees can easily check in to the event venue. These apps contain all the information, event attendees have their tickets on the app that they can use to check into the venue. They don’t need to wait in a long queue for check-in.

6. Branding

Branding is crucial for any event organizer and a mobile event app can help with the branding of the event. The event app will offer the event planner a multitude of tools that make event customization simple and help in engaging guests with a laser-like focus. You can customize your app for branding by adding the logos, and tagline of your brand, you can add the motto of the brand or agenda of the event, etc. You can use a colour scheme that reflects the image of your brand etc.

7. Third-Party Integration

The next benefit of having a mobile event app is that it offers third-party integrations. Several event apps come with integration possibilities. You can also customize the mobile event app for third-party integration. Choose the mobile event app that offers integration with CRMs, social media platforms, and payment platforms. With social media integration, it will be possible to share user-generated content from the event app to well-known social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

8. Analytics

The next benefit of opting for a mobile event app is real-time analytics of the event. With an event app, there are many things you can do to analyze how your users interact with it. This involves analyzing likes, speaker ratings, virtual poll results, and much more. You may use this to produce content for your upcoming event that is more powerful and engaging. Event analysis gives you an overview of the whole event.

9. Better Engagement

You can create specific channels to engage attendees at your event. Anyone interested can register for any of the sessions on the schedule. This automates the creation of specialized content and alerts to promote particular sessions. You can easily link all event stakeholders—exhibitors, sponsors, and attendees—by investing in an attendee engagement event app. Through effective communication, time and money are saved.

10. Team Management

Team management is crucial during any event. Event managers, admin, onsite coordinators, and email marketers, are involved in organizing an event. A task can be assigned to the appropriate individual using an event management tool, allowing for easy communication. Analyzing the duration of each work and the advancement made on it is also helpful. As a result, it’s a fantastic tool to keep everyone updated on what’s happening.

The Bottom Line

By the end of this blog, you know there are several benefits of hosting an event with the help of a mobile event app. These event apps help in managing, organizing, and planning the event. A lot of event organizers use a custom mobile app for events and if you also want a mobile app for the event you can turn to Dreamcast for that as the platform offers fully customizable white-label mobile apps for events. Finally, you can read more reviews about tech solutions for business and software on or to manage and grow your business.

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