Basic Dental Instruments in USA For Medical Practice

The first dental instrument is the throne. A specially designed two-bed urethane reclining chair is used for reclining to reduce patient fatigue, even during prolonged treatment. health care and clean conditions at all times. In the dental treatment that requires an accuracy of 1 mm or less, the guide and staff always use a magnifying glass to make the treatment as precise as possible to see what is being done. can’t see.

How do dentists and hygienists see a patient’s teeth when they examine a patient’s mouth? Human teeth are very small parts, each measuring only a few millimeters to more than a centimeter. subtle and different for everyone. In dentistry, the degree of “visibility” can make a big difference in the accuracy of diagnosis and treatment.

Medical Practice of Brushing

The medical practice of brushing your teeth as part of dental treatment with best dental instruments USA. It involves brushing the teeth with a ring, which is less than 1 cm, and an invisible hole in the mouth, painting only the important part without taking the important part. Even the treatment of fillings and linings can make a big difference in ease of removal, penetration of bacteria, and ease of chewing.

Treating Dental Nerves

When you ask the dentist to treat you with best dental instruments USA, especially when treating dental nerves, we dentists work hard to find and excavate a healthy nerve opening that is actually less than 1mm. You dig in a different area than where the decay is. You make a hole in the tooth, and blood and bacteria will come in from there. So the tooth has to be removed from worst case scenario. In order to analyze the invisible things and to make the treatment as specific and efficient as possible, not only the director but also the hygienists provide magnifying devices, this used all the time.


When it comes to cleaning teeth, we strive to minimize residue and negative effects as much as possible. “XENOSYS LOOKs5000” is a comprehensive, high-quality indicator that is trusted not only by dentists but also by cardiologists and orthopedic surgeons. Created entirely in the eyes of everyone Dr. The model that the director uses is a model that raises the bar between them. Model of the boss “XENOSYS LOOKs7500” Vision.


In 2023, XENOSYS will introduce the LOOKs7500, which offers a 7.5 times higher magnification, added to the range as the top model. Normally, the higher the magnification, the darker the field, and the longer the objective, the heavier the operator, but this model maintains full brightness and brightness even in ‘this height. The optical aperture is very narrow), but it is very useful when precision processing is required and the magnification is greater than the LOOKs5000.

Dental Microscope

Seeking a higher level of precision, we have developed a high-performance dental microscope (microscope). The microscope adopted by our clinic can change the magnification by combining the eyepiece with the objective, just like the microscope you used when you were a student, up to 25.6 times.

Can be raised, allowing to find small cracks, holes, foreign bodies, etc. Hard to see raising the glass. A dental microscope with magnification that can be used for very specific treatments such as foreign body removal.
and root canals of teeth and apicoectomy, as well as treatment that requires a large increase. 4 to 10 times magnification of the magnifying glass.

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