Avoid These 6 Mistakes in UK Student Visa

Are you planning to study in the UK for higher studies? The world of rich cultural heritage and we’ll recognise institutions ensures an experience like no other. However, the first step towards achieving your UK ticket is to obtain a UK student visa. 

Getting a student visa UK from India is a rigorous process and requires your utmost attention as the embassy expects you to meet the university standards in the UK. If any student fails to meet the requirements can lead to student visa rejection. Read on to know what are the reasons for UK student rejection that you can’t repeat in your application.

Top Reasons For UK Student Visa Rejection

Every year, many international students fail to acquire their UK student visa because of some basic mistakes. The chances of rejection can be decreased by filling the gap in the application for a UK student visa. Here are the top reasons behind what you must avoid when you apply for UK student visa from India.

Inaccurate Information

The risk of providing wrong personal details and answers on the first attempt is very high and you must avoid this at any cost. Ensure that all the details such as name, address, educational information along with other relevant information are accurately filled in to avoid rejections.

Insufficient Subsistence

The students while applying must show their evidence of funds to support themselves in the UK covering tuition fees and other necessary expenses. You also need to show your bank statement to support your funds. Make sure that your bank statement is at least 28 days old, otherwise, your visa will get rejected.

Interview Skills

Your body language and how you express your answers in the interview is also important aspect of visa. If the interviewer believes that you are not confident and good, then they will reject your visa. To avoid these reluctant responses, you must practise and be well with every aspect of your study abroad destinations.

Language Proficiency

The UK is an English-speaking country. You need to have a great command of the English language for the UK student visa. If you have a low score on your language proficiency test, your visa gets rejected. You can also connect with overseas education consultants to prepare you to develop your language skills.

Criminal Records

Having any past or present criminal records can lead to your student visa rejection. Also, any involvement in an illegal act can affect your student visa success rate.

Late Responses

If any student fails to respond to additional queries from visa officers within the given time, this could lead to visa rejection. So it is better to avoid these study visa refusal reasons.

Can I Reapply for UK Student Visa After Rejection

Even after getting a UK student visa rejection students can also reapply for the visa. There is no limit for them to reapply for a UK visa after getting rejected for the first time. However, if you have applied for a Student Visa UK from India right after refusal, you must ensure that all the provided information is correct in place to avoid rejection reasons. If any student ID is confident about their documents, the success rate of students’ visas gets increased by appealing.

By avoiding all the above-mentioned mistakes, you can make the way to study in UK for Indian students in prestigious universities. However, if you need any help in your visa application and how to seek help to avoid rejections, connect with the best educational consultants in Mumbai now.



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