Argument Writing In Essay – Things You Must Need To Be Careful

Essay writing is essential in academic life to present a problem and develop a solution. There are various types of essay writing in academic life. The major types of essay writing are narrative, descriptive and argumentative. Descriptive and Narrative essays only describe the different stories with the context. Whereas in the argumentative essay, logic and evidence are important. Teachers prefer those essays that are based on solid argument writing. It helps them to easily understand the problem with evidence and logic. Every essay has a thesis statement, which is considered critical in argument writing. Every essay remains incomplete without a solid thesis statement and evidence to support the claim.

Various things are important to make an argumentative essay complete and good. Critical thinking skills, the structure of the essay, the thesis statement, and evidence with logic are important to write an essay. Argument writing in the essay makes these things possible for students to practise and get good grades and present a well-structured essay with complete information and facts. This article is important to understand the importance of argument writing and logic in the essay. This article provides important things to consider while writing arguments in your academic tasks.

Skills and Things for Argument Writing in Essay

Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is the first and most important thing in argument writing for an essay. It assists the students in critically evaluating the findings and supporting the thesis statement. Without critical thinking, getting high grades in an essay is impossible.

Logics and Evidence

Evidence and logic are vital to support sound logic. These two increase the subjectivity of a thesis statement and make it more authentic. Thus, logics and evidence are crucial to ensure argument writing in an essay. It also helps instructors check argument authenticity from different aspects. If you cannot work on logic and evidence building, you can buy essay online from The Academic Papers UK.

Well-Structured Thesis Statement

An essay based on the thesis statement consists of multiple body paragraphs. All the supporting paragraphs and arguments must support the thesis statement in argument writing. If some points are irrelevant to the context, it affects the assignment grade.

Relevant Examples

Argument writing ensures the inclusion of relevant examples and supports the essay’s thesis statement. Including the best examples with evidence reduces subjectivity and strengthens the argument. This thing assists the students in ensuring the essay structure and aligning their essay with a marking rubric.

Steps of Argument Writing in Essay

Research and Generate Ideas

Before starting to write an essay, it is important to research different topics. It helps students make reliable choices and select one important problem to develop a solution. It ensures effective argument writing and provides relevant evidence and examples for the selected issue.

Select a Solid Topic

After selecting a theme, make a unique statement and attractive essay topic. It must include all the keywords to develop the influential thesis statement. This way, it reduces data issues and relevant examples to develop sound logic.

Organise Findings with Thesis Statement

After collecting data from different sources and selecting the appropriate theme for an essay, it is crucial to organise the data with the essay’s thesis statement. It increases the readability and objectivity of writing and includes sound logic with evidence.

Make a Draft of Essay

Argument writing is the way to make a draft from the collected information and design for the final file. It provides more chances for proofreading and editing before submitting the essay.

Synthesis and Structure of the Essay

After making a draft with the argument writing and relevant example, students must structure their essays according to the marking rubric and guidelines. When students follow the assignment brief and align their work per the professor’s guidelines and marking rubric, there is a high chance of getting an A.

Structure of the Essay


After including meaningful argument writing in the essay with logic, example and evidence, the next thing is to structure the essay. The first part of an essay is an introduction that must set the problem’s context and discuss why it is necessary to study the selected problem. It also indicates why the issue is important, and the essay provides possible solutions.

Background with Thesis Statement

The background is part of the introduction, but it should be different from the general information. It provides the background of the problem and a thesis statement to resolve the issue with sound logic.

Body Paragraphs

After the thesis statement formulation and setting comes the second part of the essay, i.e., the “body”. There are various paragraphs with different claims that support the thesis statement. The followings are the important steps of every body paragraph.


The first line of an essay in argument writing is based on any claim relevant to the essay problem. It adheres to the essay paragraphs with the main theme and presents logic with evidence.


These facts and figures from various past studies support the claim. This evidence supports the claim and ensures the authenticity of the argumentative essay.

Example and Explanation

The beauty of argument writing is that it provides examples with an explanation of the logic. It provides relevant examples of the claim and explains it with articulation.

Concluding Line

The last line of every body paragraph concludes the claim and findings. It is short but concludes the entire paragraph meaning in a single line.


The last part of any essay includes information on all important points. It summarises the problem and concisely identifies solutions/claims.

After Writing Important Points in Well Structured Argumentative Essay

After completing the essay with argument writing, some points are important to consider. The first thing is to proofread the essay. The second most important thing is to cross-check the source of information. The last thing is the assurance check whether all essay requirements are met.


Argument writing is the essential step in the essay to complete it with logic and evidence. Without a well-structured argument, it is impossible to get high grades. Therefore, always ensure the argument writing approach to synthesise your essay.

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