A Complete Guide to Nourishing Your Skin with Ayurveda.

The origin of Ayurvedic Skincare

The influx of millennials and Generation Z has enabled the entire world to witness a major paradigmatic shift in the perspective of beauty and its association with that fair skin has turned into a major stigma. Diving deep into the pages of fashion and beauty magazines, you will undoubtedly find that this industry is on its quest of coming up with natural items to add a rosy glow to your face without chemical ingredients. Instead of the glossy shine of chemical-enabled products, new-age users like us prefer to place trust in the power of Ayurveda which has its origin in India. Kerala Ayurveda in Sydney has flourished in recent years owing to its natural attributes and proven methodology of alleviating skin problems from their roots.

Although in the era of Instagram and Facebook, it appears extremely arduous to believe the fact that the viral trend of applying her-infused skincare items, in reality, is 5000 years old, and even the inhabitants of the oldest civilization like Mehrgarh and Indus valley were accustomed to these natural ways of skin care and nourishing it from within. In the rat race from 9-to-5, we usually begin to lose the luster of our skin and surprisingly from this point; a new race begins as we start to chase the glow of the skin. Admit it or not, Ayurvedic skincare is not something entirely new, rather our homemade chickpea flour recipes to healing clay face packs are the perennial formula that we consciously pass down to every generation. Such home remedies are tied with the Ayurvedic approach to skin that upkeeps harmony with nature by pushing the harsh chemicals away.

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Guiding Principles of Ayurvedic Skincare

Placing complete emphasis on Mother Nature, Ayurveda-based skincare entails a plethora of herbs in terms of creating a protective shield against fatal diseases. Don’t you wonder how an ancient methodology is continuing to thrive in this modern era? Undisputedly, the answer is that the foundation of Ayurveda is a science that entails four fundamental tenets like body, mind, spirit, and soul. Here are some of the guiding principles of this ancient school of medicine that is espoused in the gamut of skincare as well for yielding the best outcomes.

  • If you are on the way to a skincare hunt, Ayurveda creams, serums or even simple face packs will be the right destination to shed off the layer of dead cells from your skin and stimulate the process of regeneration of cells.
  • Ayurvedic skincare items glorify their capability of providing relief to the body and mind. Hence, by switching to this natural skincare product you can feel rejuvenated and full of energy.
  • Like Panchakarma and other means of treatment of Ayurveda, in skin care as well a proper regime is there to diagnose firstly the health conditions, diet pattern, lifestyle, and digestive pattern to come up with customized treatment facilities. In the other words, we all are created unique and our skin also demands special attention which you can only receive from this ancient skincare method.
  • In Ayurveda, there are three dominant skin types, Vata skin, Pitta skin, and Kapha skin. Kerala Ayurveda in Sydney offers science-backed wisdom to users and accelerates the process of the proliferation of new yet fresh cells.

Tips for glowing skin following Ayurvedic dictates

Driven by a desire of flaunting something artificial or glass-like skin, young age users usually end up materializing their palpable love for trying chemical products on the skin. Why keep wasting time on self-experimenting or believing the promotional notions of the skincare gurus when you have the best skin remedy right at your grasp? If you ask your subconscious self, it undoubtedly will tell you that deep down all it wants is a picture-perfect glow. Unfortunately, there is no such “one size fits all” approach to getting radiant skin that is not only healthy from the outside but rather nourishing from within. We have also listed down some of the Ayurveda tips to add to the daily skincare regime,

  • Application of turmeric paste on the skin-

In the mid-thirties or twenties, women are found to be extremely worried if their natural glow is found to be seized. Application of the turmeric in conjunction with milk and gram flour can instantly add a glow to the skin, while it keeps the skin supple and enriches it with antioxidants.

  • Using Kumkumadi oil as a night serum-

Instead of the polished packaging and chemical-infused serums, you can prepare the Kumkumadi oil in your home to turn your skin healthier. Usage of this magic oil can guarantee you several perks from natural illumination of the skin to the improvement of the texture and adding a brighter glow to the skin. On a serious note, your flaky and dry skin can heal gradually after the usage of this oil.

  • Toning the skin with rose water-

Rose is always perceived as synonymous with beauty and glow and Ayurveda acknowledges rose petals as an active ingredient having soothing properties in it. Application of it to the skin with cotton balls is recommended to stimulate blood circulation in every cell of the skin and at the same time to strike a PH balance.

Key Takeaways

Following the skin care tips only you cannot maintain glowy skin for a long time, rather embracing the holistic Ayurveda diet daily can keep the radiance active. For creating a professional skincare regime, you can consult with the experts of Homeopathy in Sydney.

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