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5 (Shocking) Type Classes from Elvis Presley


The current launch of Baz Lurhmann’s biopic Elvis has many revisiting the music and magnificence of the King of Rock and Roll.

Contemplating Elvis Presley’s type might conjure that gold lamé swimsuit or these rhinestone-laden jumpsuits from the ‘70s, however the King knew when to tone it down. He was definitely a clotheshorse, his huge closet operating the gamut between gaudy stagewear and tasteful tailoring, typically reduce for him by Sy Devore, the “tailor to the celebs” who additionally dressed the Rat Pack.

Few of us have any want or want to include lamé or rhinestones into our day by day matches, however digging deeper into Elvis Presley’s type reveals a number of sartorial classes that may add star energy to your wardrobe… with no need to spring for blue suede sneakers.

The Harrington jacket presents timeless enchantment

image of a black and white photo of elvis presley

Even a groundbreaking artist like Elvis knew when to embrace the classics. The design of the Baracuta windbreaker was greater than 20 years previous when Elvis introduced this golf jacket off the inexperienced and onto the display screen in his fourth film, King Creole.

image of a man wearing a harrington jacket and shorts

Whether or not the costume selection was steered by costume designer Edith Head or Elvis himself could also be misplaced to historical past, however the hip-swinging star in his stone-colored G9 ignited a motion that will later embrace fellow stars Steve McQueen, Frank Sinatra, and Ryan O’Neal—whose Peyton Place character impressed the nickname “Harrington jacket”—and cemented the jacket’s legacy.

Harrington Jacket Picks:

image of a man wearing a green jacket and black shirt

Baracuta G9 Jacket

image of a navy blue zip front jacket

Orivs Weatherbreaker Jacket

Daring stripes aren’t only for inmates

image of elvis presley wearing a striped button down shirt

Sure, Elvis made a jail uniform rock tougher than it ought to in his 1957 film Jailhouse Rock, however his extra colorfully striped sport shirts in later films just like the banally titled Enjoyable in Acapulco current a method to incorporate daring stripes with out wanting such as you simply broke free from a sequence gang.

Striped Shirt Picks:

image of a man wearing a multi color stripe shirt

Banana Republic Slim Untucked Shirt

image of a man wearing a short sleeve striped shirt

Specific Striped Shirt

image of a man wearing a red and white striped short sleeve shirt

Specific Camp Collar Shirt

image of a man wearing a striped short sleeve shirt

City Outfitters Striped Shirt

image of a man wearing a multi color spread collar striped short sleeve shirt

Zara Striped Shirt

It’s time to embrace Aloha summer time

image of elvis presley wearing a red hawaiin print shirt and flower lei

Elvis’ 1961 musical Blue Hawaii did lots to advertise tourism to the Hawaiian islands in addition to its brilliant aloha type. Tropical shirts had already been more and more well-liked over the earlier decade, however the King’s parade of colourful Hawaiian shirts proceed to make the case in favor of floral prints greater than 60 years later.

image of elvis presley wearing a red printed short sleeve shirt

Floral Print Shirt Picks:

image of a man wearing a red floral printed shirt

Abercrombie & Fitch Efficiency Shirt

image of a person wearing a multi color floral print shirt

Goodthreads Poplin Shirt

image of a blue floral printed short sleeve shirt

J.Crew Camp Collar Shirt

image of a man wearing a floral printed short sleeve shirt

Outdated Navy Camp Shirt

The entire above are from conventional retailers, but when we needed to go true Hawaiian, there are nice alternatives from genuine firm Aloha FunWear, together with the unique worn by Tom Selleck in Magnum PI:

image of a red printed hawaiin floral print shirt

Aloha Funwear Hawaiian Shirt

Don’t be afraid of huge sun shades

image of elvis presley wearing sunglasses and a collared shirt

… and never simply these famously outsized “TCB” aviators with holes punched within the arms. Earlier than the Vegas residency days, Elvis’ eyewear nonetheless gravitated towards the bigger and extra eye-catching (so to talk.)

Sun shades Choose:

image of ray ban sunglasses

Ray-Ban Sun shades

And don’t step on—or rule out—blue suede sneakers

By the use of the hit single originated by his Solar Data up to date Carl Perkins, Elvis warned listeners to not step on his blue suede sneakers, however the singer’s most popular stage kicks through the period had been extra ceaselessly black-and-white lace-ups, which might have additionally seemed flashier on these black-and-white TV units of the ‘50s. These spectator sneakers might be ceaselessly noticed all through early scenes in Elvis, for which costume designer Catherine Martin labored with high-end designer Manolo Blahnik to recreate the King’s favored footwear. 

Neither Perkins nor Presley stipulated simply what shade of blue, so extra daring gents can add some rockabilly aptitude to their summer time type through penny loafers or moc-toe drivers with tasteful navy suede uppers that stand other than the standard black and brown.

Blue Suede Footwear Picks:

image of blue penny loafer suede shoes

G.H. Bass & Co. Larson Penny Idler

image of blue suede loafer shoe

Sperry Manchester Penny Idler

image of blue suede penny loafer shoe

Jay Butler Cromwell Penny Idler

image of blue suede penny loafer shoe

Thomas Chicken Hampton Penny Idler


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