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Numeow AM 65 Less keyboard experience: from tools, to toys, to props

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By nwzdt

People who play mechanical keyboards may be divided into tools, toys, and props. Tools are easy to understand. For example, as a code-phrase migrant worker, I regularly enter over 5,000 phrases on the keyboard on a mean operating day. Therefore, an accessible device could make my paintings extra efficient.

Locating your favored transfer bodies, keycaps, and keycap associations is getting started at this level. At the toy level, many gamers began to toss approximately DIY. However, practicality may be left behind. Customized bases, unique keycaps, area of interest switches, or even mix-and-suit switches started to appear. Players at this level started to pursue constructing a Make the specific keyboard your own.

The so-referred props are toys that have developed and may be used to reveal off. Whether it’s miles published on Moments, Xiaohongshu, or Station B, it could appeal to the admiration and envy of others. From a sensible factor of view, there’s nearly no distinction between an entry-degree mechanical keyboard of 3 or 4 hundred yuan and a custom-designed keyboard of 3 or 4 thousand yuan. The ten-fold fee distinction regularly lies in its cost as a toy and prop.

Nu Meow emblem no longer intends to serve maximum customers by providing reasonably-priced and extraordinary tool-kind merchandise from the beginning; however, depended on layout and craftsmanship to generate premiums, attracting a

small variety of lovers with sturdy spending power, and may frequently promote out-of-stock, and The booming secondary marketplace proves that there are undoubtedly many folks that are inclined to spend cash for this emblem and pay the top rate for toys and props. AM sixty-five Less keyboard is a cutting-edge product released through Numiao, which unifies the three attributes of tools, toys, and support.


If you browse Taobao or Jingdong, you’ll locate that the essential thing positions of mainstream mechanical keyboards are 87 keys and 104 keys. However, the quantity of keys of AM sixty-five Less is fifty-nine keys, and there aren’t any up, down, left, proper route keys, that is a piece deviant. But the naming mystery of AM sixty-five Less is likewise here. The sixty percent association is the mainstream of compact mechanical keyboards. Sixty-five Less way, it’s far more streamlined than the sixty association.

The streamlined ones are the arrow keys and a few feature keys (Page Up and Page Up). Down) But AM sixty-five Less isn’t the primary producer to do this. Before this, keyboard producers and HHKB had already finished. HHKB is a legend in the compact keyboard industry. It is well-known in programmer circles for its electrostatic capacitance keyboard. The feature of its arrow keys is found via the Fn feature key + different image keys, which is somewhat troublesome.

The answer to AM sixty-five Less is to feature a small contact place at the front facet of the keyboard and slide the thumb up, down, left, and proper to update the arrow keys, after which the keyboard may be designed symmetrically.

This is the most critical innovation in this keyboard. However, it calls for a touch getting to know and variation cost. However, I even have to mention that once much less than 1/2 of an afternoon of variation, the blessings of sliding contact for path key management commenced to appear: typing palms. Without leaving the vital keyboard place, the thumb can at once carry out contact and slide operations. Although the typing system could be interrupted, the gain is that the hand’s shifting place is much smaller, and the general typing fluency is improved.


In phrases of different utilization levels, the AM sixty-five Less is much like an everyday compact keyboard. It is flawlessly successful for typing and a few video games. Of course, a few occupations may also use a massive range of 104-key numeric keypad areas and characteristic keys. Some video games use the arrow keys heavily, so this keyboard is reluctant. AM sixty-five Less affords product options:

  • One is the handiest, the bottom kit.
  • The person chooses the transfer frame and keycap through himself.
  • The opposite is the completed keyboard, which affords the ice silver transfer (custom designed through Numiao and TTC) and keycap (I have a Glacier obvious keycap black version).

Therefore, the outline of the texture component is primarily based totally on the ice silver transfer and the glacier’s obvious keycap, and the texture furnished through different switches and keycaps is sometimes different. As a person who’s used to cherry crimson and silver switches and has been using SteelSeries’ self-advanced OmniPoint switches recently, I felt very heavy the first time I used the ice silver switches, even a piece like cherry black ones.

Then I went to test the parameters of this ice silver switch: 1.08mm brief cause, strain of 45gf, bottoming pressure of 58gf; TTC double-section lengthy spring shape is followed to boom the preliminary stress (39gf) to save you unintended touch. Under the circumstance that the strain in grams is similar to that of the crimson shaft, the motive why this ice silver shaft makes me feel heavy is due to the double-section lengthy spring shape that will increase the preliminary strain.

The initial theme is 39gf, better than different shafts consisting of the cherry crimson shaft. The frame is a piece bigger, so it feels more laborious, and the general sense could be very stable and neat. In addition, because of the 1.08mm brief cause stroke and the fast overall stroke of 3.4±0.4mm, this keyboard is more appropriate for gaming eventualities in preference to heavy typing eventualities.


The sense and aesthetics are subjects of opinion. However, a few matters are objective. For example, this glacier’s obvious keycap is incredible and brilliant with the light. However, the downside is likewise apparent, that is, it’s miles very stained with fingerprints, and it’s going to sense greasy after an extended time.

Therefore, the aggregate of ice silver switch + glacier obvious keycap is no longer appropriate for employees to apply as tools. If you’re a heavy typing user, it’s miles advocated to pick a lighter shaft frame and a keycap that doesn’t persist with oil and fingerprints.


For players, the particular look and sense is the pleasure of a gambling keyboard. Therefore, AM sixty-five Less presents several customization options, including shell color, keyboard region lights effect, ornament region lights effect, lettering, etc., and a Leaf-Spring shape with two adjustable rebound degrees within the keyboard.

Angry Miao’s patented body is blended with an upgraded under-axle pad and sorts of shrapnel made of various materials (phosphor bronze and stainless steel), and eight exclusive senses may be adjusted without converting the shaft frame and positioning plate.

Then the whole keys of AM sixty-five Less may be hot-swappable. As stated earlier, in the aggregate of the shaft frame and the keycap, tens of thousands and thousands of opportunities for look and sense.


AM sixty-five-sixty-five Less has several rooms for each respectable customization and participant choice. There is even a Mech Love model stimulated by “Love Dead Machine” that may select the antique fashion of the Mech Battle deal.

The site of AM sixty-five Less should no longer be the user’s first keyboard. However, it may be the primary keyboard for keyboard customers to boost to keyboard gamers. If the preceding CyberBoard can step on mine, then AM sixty-five Less has a completely excessive base, and it’s miles hard for gamers to construct a ludicrous keyboard.



 For many users with any such keyboard, if they don’t put up Moments and Xiaohongshu, it’s like visiting at night in brocade clothes. Compared with the completed keyboards inside the variety of 300-2000 at the market, AM sixty-five Less may be a blow to dimensionality discount in phrases of layout and craftsmanship,

and it has additionally accomplished the primary stage of look within the market. Take this version in my hand as an example.

The white and powder blue spray paint on the aluminum alloy frame costs a. Whether it’s miles color, texture, uniformity, and fineness, it’s miles excellent within the industry. Although the Glacier obvious keycap no longer shapes this frame very well, with the lighting fixtures’ impact, the generally visible implications are pretty good.


Of course, there’s additionally the particular temperament that the Nu Meow emblem presently presents: a few humans angrily criticize it as an IQ tax, a few humans are green with envy but experience that the fee is just too high, and a few folks who aren’t terrible for cash can get it off their pockets.

Controversy is not a horrible factor for an emblem; everyone may prefer no symbol. It is only sometimes well worth the cash for the debatable Numeow product. However, you must admit its look and artistry are sincerely excellent inside the circle.

This is much like luxurious goods. A 10-greenback fabric bag can preserve more matter than a 100,000-yuan Hermes; however, Hermes is a prop to reveal status. However, the fabric bag is no longer. Therefore, if the rate of this AM sixty-five Less is much less than 1,000 yuan, which could be very cost-effective,

it will no longer be capable of being used as a prop. Firstly, the shortage may be substantially reduced, and secondly, there may be inadequate controversy. The shortcoming of “is pretty cool.