10 Reasons Why Figma Online Is The Best Design Tool

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By Pihu Pankaj


Figma is a web-based application for user interface designers launched in 2016. This application allows designers to design icons, create layouts, add animations, and test out designs before publishing them. Figma has several easy-to-use features and is highly flexible, making this a highly popular design tool. Furthermore, this cost-effective application allows users to share files with stakeholders effortlessly. Figma is an all-in-one web-based tool that eliminates the need for multiple software platforms. It enables users to create wireframes, prototypes, and mock-ups for web pages and digital products. Figma is an easy-to-use platform. One does not require coding to operate Figma. Due to all these benefits, Figma has become the app-development tool’s top design tool. Aspiring application designers can take up Figma Online Training to learn more about Figma and its uses.

This article explores the top reasons for the extreme popularity of Figma. Read on to know more.

Top 10 Reasons Why Figma Is The Best Design Tool

Let us look at the significant reasons which make Figma the best design tool.

Web-based Application

The first benefit of Figma is that this application is browser-based. This application works simply by accessing it on a browser and logging in to the site, making it extremely easy to use, accessible, and straightforward. Moreover, Figma is cloud-based; therefore, any work done on the files is automatically saved. Thus, the users can easily share their files with others by simply sending them the link to access the project.

Offers A Robust Free Plan

Figma provides a free version that can be run on mobiles and desktops. The robust, free version of Figma allows users to access unlimited files and collaborators, three Figma and FigJam files, and access the Figma library of multiple plugins, widgets, templates, etc. The free tools make it easy for the users to learn and experiment without any costs, making this extremely suitable for simple app development projects, beginners, or those who want to test the web-based application.

Provides A Simplified Handoff

The Figma application allows collaboration between the UX and UI designers and developers with the help of the Inspect Tool. The Inspect Tool allows developers and collaborators to easily view, create, modify, and copy different elements or codes from Figma designs.

Offers A Real-Time Collaborative Environment

Figma has a real-time collaboration feature where multiple designers can work on a single project. Additionally, the creators can also edit, comment, discuss, and view others’ works, track changes, and modify the files. All these actions can be managed remotely without sharing heavy files via email.

Facilitates Seamless Prototyping

Figma makes prototyping incredibly seamless and straightforward. Prototyping is a necessary process for testing the UX/UI designs and validating ideas without developing a full-fledged product. The Figma platform provides numerous screen presets and the Figma Mirror App, enabling designers to view their designs on their mobile phones in real-time.

Enables Smooth Migration

Figma allows users to import all the projects without issues, glitches, or losses. The application has multiple plugins and drag-and-drop features that enable the designers to convert most components, making the migration process extremely simple.

Allows For Countless Integrations

Figma allows its users to integrate the application with most other developing tools. This platform seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Teams, Trello, Slack, Dropbox, Coda, Jira, etc., for communication and collaboration. Additionally, one can integrate Figma with Flinto, Protopie, Bubble, etc., for Prototyping; and Zeplin, AWS Amplify Studio, etc., for Developer Hnadoff.

Has An Expansive Community

Figma is an increasingly popular platform and has an expansive community of users. This extensive community has numerous designers, developers, and amateur users. The Figma community members share countless templates, design systems, animations, illustrations, etc., that other users can use without additional costs.

Comes With FigJam Feature

The key highlight of Figma is its FigJam feature. FigJam is a whiteboard collaboration tool that allows users to brainstorm, catalogue, communicate ideas, and build projects across all disciplines and departments from anywhere. With FigJam, a developer can choose one of the many readily available templates, create a workflow that accommodates all the necessary, and share the file with the team.

Easy To Learn

Figma is extremely easy to learn and use. Even as beginners, one can understand the uses of different Figma tools and techniques in a relatively short period, making this a handy development app.


To sum up, Figma is a top-rated development tool that makes the work of developers and designers simple. Figma is a web-based application easily integrated with a different platform for effective application design. This app has a feature called FigJam that enables users to brainstorm, catalogue, communicate ideas, and build projects across all disciplines and departments. This platform is extremely easy to learn and use, making it an excellent application for beginners. Figma facilitates smooth prototyping and migration of the files. The application also allows users to design using templates by other users. Furthermore, Figma has a free version that can be run on both mobiles and desktops, allowing one to use the Figma tools without spending additional money. One can join the Figma Training Institute in Delhi to enhance their development skills using Figma.

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